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[Original Truck House] Since March, with the oil price constantly breaking through new highs, card friends have expressed great pressure. Some users who want to run the city have the idea of starting with new energy trucks, but after asking about the price, they found that the price of new energy trucks has also increased a lot. According to the information learned by some dealers, the current price of new energy trucks has been raised. The price changes of specific models are as follows: the increase rate of pure electric minivan is about 3-4 thousand, while the price of pure electric light truck has increased by more than 8,000, less than 10 thousand.

● The biggest reason for the price increase of new energy vehicles is the rising demand for batteries.

The main reason for the increase in the price of new energy vehicles is the increase in the price cost of raw materials for batteries. As one of the raw materials, the price of lithium carbonate in March this year rose by more than 30% compared with that in February, far exceeding expectations, which led to the failure of some enterprises to keep up with the increase in the price of raw materials.

The price increase of battery raw materials is mainly caused by two aspects: on the one hand, the sales of new energy vehicles have increased greatly in the past two years, which has correspondingly boosted the demand for power batteries. Batteries are highly dependent on raw materials, and the raw material mining progress of upstream manufacturers can't meet the demand of rapid expansion of production of middle and downstream enterprises, and the relationship between supply and demand is unbalanced, resulting in rising prices.

On the other hand, the demand for energy storage batteries is also relatively large. Under the goal of "double carbon", industries with large emission pollution now need clean transformation. However, clean energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation all need energy storage devices, and the demand for batteries is also relatively large, which further aggravates the contradiction between supply and demand of battery raw materials.

Therefore, car companies and battery companies cannot bear these costs alone, and some costs need to be shared by consumers. It is really helpless to raise the terminal price.

● What will be the trend of future energy besides electricity?

It is worth mentioning that China is also actively seeking other forms of energy to alleviate the energy shortage, such as methanol energy and hydrogen energy. Methanol is a clean fuel, with extremely low emissions of NOx and particulate matter. The traditional methanol production resources are rich, which can alleviate the current situation of liquid fuel shortage in China to some extent. Geely commercial vehicles have launched methanol-powered heavy trucks, using Geely's self-developed methanol engine, which has excellent power performance, full combustion efficiency, less nitrogen oxide emissions and the service life is equivalent to that of ordinary diesel engines.

In terms of hydrogen energy, in addition to hydrogen fuel cells, models equipped with hydrogen internal combustion engines are gradually coming out. In addition to the advantages of zero carbon emission and short fuel filling time like hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen internal combustion engine also has the advantages of low cost and low requirement for hydrogen purity. It is believed that before long, the production and storage forms of hydrogen will be continuously optimized and the hydrogenation facilities will be continuously improved, and hydrogen energy will have a good development prospect.

● Conclusion:

It is undeniable that the high oil price of oil vehicles and the high price of new energy vehicles will have a negative impact on the transportation cost of card friends. Card friends choose new energy trucks, largely because the city strictly restricts the right of way for oil trucks and cannot enter the downtown area to deliver and pull goods. However, the threshold of the new energy truck itself is relatively high, except that the price of the vehicle itself is more expensive than that of the ordinary fuel truck, and the insurance is also expensive. For example, a new energy light truck needs more than 170,000 casually, which is not a small amount for ordinary users.

However, you don't have to worry too much. On March 26th this year, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the committee of 100 Forum on Electric Vehicles in China: At present, the sharp price increase of raw materials for power batteries needs to be highly concerned and seriously studied and solved. We will moderately accelerate the development of domestic resources, resolutely crack down on unfair competition such as hoarding and speculation, guide upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to strengthen cooperation and win-win development, and push the prices of key raw materials back to rationality.

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