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Cost performance of Swift and Alto (the difference between Swift and Alto)

Changhe Suzuki's Big Dipper left a deep impression on many people.

Some people say that this is a Japanese car most like K-Car, with square body size, no small space performance, and a 1.0L fuel-efficient engine, which has a strong K-Car style. Although this is a model that has been improved many times in China market, Suzuki's persistence in the field of small cars can still be seen on the Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper has a good feedback in the China market, and its sales volume has always been good. Before the change, the Big Dipper was priced at about 33,000 yuan. Even so, Suzuki has been operating tirelessly in the China market.

But in fact, the price of the Big Dipper in the Japanese market is not low.

A few days ago, Suzuki released a new generation of Wagon R model, that is, the domestic Big Dipper. The new car was completely upgraded in design, and the design was greatly subverted on the basis of square.

For example, the new model is more sporty, while providing different design styles to meet different aesthetic needs of consumers. At the same time, the size of the new car has reached 3395mm and the wheelbase has reached 2460mm, which is still a typical mini-car style.

At the same time, the new car has improved in technology. Although the size of the central control screen is not large, it has filled the embarrassing situation of the overall lack of K-Car technology.

On the whole, the brand-new Big Dipper has performed very well, while the price of the brand-new Big Dipper in Japan is 1.22 million yen, equivalent to about 62,000 yuan. The price of the brand-new Big Dipper sold in Japan is almost twice that of Changhe Suzuki.

Although the brand-new Big Dipper exposed this time is better in design and sense of science and technology, the cost of making cars has also increased, and it does have more expensive capital to sell, from the perspective of version history, the price of the Big Dipper in Japan has not been low, and the overall price of K-Car in Japan is not cost-effective.

And Suzuki Big Dipper has always been the lowest-priced joint venture car in the domestic market.

As a joint venture company, Changhe Suzuki has set a starting price of less than 40,000 for a co-produced and sold vehicle, which is self-evident.

In fact, the pricing of Suzuki's two joint ventures in China has not been excessive for a long time. Most of them are 50,000-class joint venture vehicles, and models such as Landy, Paixi, Big Dipper, Swift and Alto can have a good car life on the basis of ensuring reliability and stability.

Compared with other Japanese companies, Suzuki's pricing is very economical. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi all have lower pricing than Suzuki. They are better at building high-end cars and doing brand value operations.

Suzuki's misfortune actually began in the SUV era. More and more people like large-size and large-space models. For Suzuki, who is good at making small cars, big cars are indeed more promising, and it is easier to open up markets and earn profits. However, Suzuki still believes that his work should be put on small cars, because there are always people who like small-size models.

In fact, many cars launched by Suzuki in the domestic market are operated for unprofitable purposes. For example, the Big Dipper, which is priced at more than 60,000 in the Japanese market, only sells for more than 30,000 in the China market. In terms of pricing, I am afraid no one is more ruthless than Suzuki.

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