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Mini cooper two-door quotation (mini cooper two-door car price)

Inventory of popular "cars", a "Mercedes" and a "BMW", the cheapest is only 40,000.

With the general trend of younger consumer groups in the domestic automobile market, more and more once-unseen models with "individuality" have gradually become the mainstream of the market. For example, Volkswagen's classic model Beetle, a two-door car with a history of more than 80 years, has gradually become popular since it entered the domestic market, which witnessed the gradual increase in consumer acceptance of the two-door car, but this classic car has been discontinued. However, the domestic automobile market still has a lot of individual models. Next, let's take a look at three popular coupes with hot sales in China, two of which are imported and one is made in China, and the cheapest one is only 40,000.

Model 1: BMW Mini COOPER, with a price range of 183,800-333,800. The brand MINI is believed to be familiar to everyone. The MINI, born in Britain, has a history of more than half a century. In the movie "Mr. Bean", it is still Rowan Atkinson's car. Today, the MINI belongs to BMW and even shares the dealer network with it. The current MINI model is the classic MINI COOPER, which is also the largest model in this inventory. At one time, MINI was not popular in the market because of the high price and other factors, but now the visibility of MINI series is advancing by leaps and bounds, especially the two-door COOPER, which has become a favorite model of many women by virtue of various circular designs, tail lights of the miter flag and other elements in the car.

The current MINI COOPER is equipped with a 1.5T and 2.0T engine, both of which are matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Among them, the 1.5T engine is divided into two types: high-power and low-power, but they are all three-cylinder engines that are not loved by Chinese people, which can even be said to be its pain point. After all, the inherent thinking in China always thinks that three-cylinder engines are not stable enough. Even if BMW's three-cylinder engine technology is mature enough, it can suppress its jitter very well, but it still can't win the love of consumers.

Model 2: Mercedes-Benz Smart fortwo, with a price range of 133,800-198,880. Smart, which belongs to Mercedes-Benz, is also one of the classic two-door cars in China. At the beginning of entering the domestic market, its small size always made people worry that it was easy to roll over, and Mercedes-Benz even claimed that whoever could turn over the smart would be rewarded. The current smart has a two-door version of fortwo and a four-door version of forfour, but the more common one is the two-door version of fortwo. Even if it is more expensive, everyone is more willing to choose it. After all, it is more personalized and even offers a convertible version.

Today's smart fortwo national six models only provide 0.9 tons of engines, canceling the previous 1.0L engine, and the price of the national six models has also dropped to 133,800-156,888. Matching the 0.9-ton engine is a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox, in which the parameters of the 0.9-ton engine are 66 kW and 135 Nm. Its biggest advantage lies in fuel economy. Even if 95 # gasoline needs to be filled, the fuel consumption of 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers is also very high. However, it is still a three-cylinder engine, which has the same shortcomings as the mini Cooper three-cylinder model. At present, domestic consumers are still not able to use the three-cylinder engine.

Model 3: Baojun E100, starting at 39,800. Baojun E100 is the smallest of the three cars in this inventory, with the size of 2488*1506*1670mm, which is more convenient than the above two cars, especially its car length, which is only equivalent to the length of half a standard parking space. It is also a car with front and rear independent suspension like a mini-car, and the rear single-arm independent suspension can bring better driving stability.

Baojun E100 is also the most special of the three vehicles, and it is a new energy vehicle. In fact, for this kind of two-door personalized car, new energy is a better choice. After all, apart from some "enthusiasts", few consumers will drive this kind of car out of town. The Baojun E100 uses a combination of a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a lithium-ion battery, with a battery capacity of 24kWh and a pure electric cruising range of 250 kilometers. Even if the charge of the State Grid is 1kWh, the cost of the Baojun E100 per kilometer is less than a dime. Moreover, it also thinks that it is more economical and convenient to charge with 220 volts at home. Therefore, Baojun E100 is small, flexible and economical, which is very suitable for urban commuting.

Summary: Two-door cars were once unpopular with domestic consumers, but with many families owning one car or even two cars, more personalized two-door models are gradually recognized by the market, and Mercedes-Benz is smart, BMW mini-car and Baojun E100 are the three models with hot sales among many cars. Of course, in my personal opinion, Mercedes-Benz is smart, and BMW mini-car are both excellent, but for the second car in the family, the new energy vehicle is actually a better choice. After all, everyone has a fuel vehicle, and choosing a new energy vehicle as a means of transportation in the city is a better choice. As a new energy vehicle, Baojun E100 also has the advantages of unlimited line, no lottery and no purchase tax, which is undoubtedly a personalized and practical choice for family car consumers.

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