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What is the quality of Seclon rt3 (what is the quality of Seclon rt3)?

As a pedal model that was officially launched in 2017, Seclon Ruitu RT3 has changed many versions in the middle. This year, it has launched three versions in one breath, namely, the enjoyable version of 22,980 yuan, the exclusive version of 24,500 yuan, and the smart version of 25,980 yuan. Combined with the word-of-mouth feedback of the old car owners in 2021 and 2020, and the newly launched Seclon RT2, Mark has sorted out today's version.

1. There is slight oil leakage at the joint of the engine side cover. It is said that the high probability is caused by oil sticking to the gasket during assembly. I think this specific reason varies from car to car. Many car owners who have ridden tens of thousands of kilometers have not encountered any problems, and some have encountered many problems after riding only thousands of kilometers, which is more dependent on the face, but this is not a big problem. Other cars will also have this problem. If you meet it, just ride to the dealer and have it repaired. Anyway, this problem is usually repaired for you free.

2. Headlight problem: The difference between the new and old models is quite big. Some low beams and high beams cannot be lit at the same time, and the lights cannot be turned off. However, the brightness of the headlights is slightly insufficient, so it is recommended to install an auxiliary spotlight and so on.

3. The obd delivered by the high-end version has some chicken ribs, mainly because it will consume more electricity. If you don't ride a bike for a long time, you may run out of battery power, so you need to take out the battery and recharge it.

4. When idling, the jitter is relatively large, which will cause the mirror to not see the back clearly, but when the speed rises, it will be smooth and there will be no vibration.

5, the workmanship is slightly rough, and some seams of the shell are relatively large; The movement of the horn is a little small, and it feels like an electric car.

6. Abnormal sound of different heads; Abnormal sound of windshield; Belt box; The problem of abnormal sound is also an attribute of comparing faces.

7. Most styles of RT3 don't have the function of side support flameout. The old side support is made of iron, but it doesn't look very strong. The new one has been upgraded to aluminum alloy, and the supporting ground has been increased, which is more stable and superior.

8. RT3 Smart Edition has a keyless start function, which has the advantage of convenience, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to forget the key, and the key will be out of power. RT2 comes standard with keyless start, so there will be troubles in this respect.

9. Although the RT3 Smart Edition has a TFT display screen that can be connected to the mobile phone, it needs to be turned off and restarted, and a small number of car owners are prone to disconnection, so the overall feeling is not very good.

10. The rear seat of RT3 is relatively high, and the pedal position of the rear seat is not very comfortable, so it will be more difficult to get on the fender. RT2 has solved this problem to some extent by adding a flying pedal.

11. Abnormal flameout: This problem is only sporadic and some car owners react, and even if the frequency is not high, after the flameout occurs during driving, the ignition can be lit immediately without being thrown on the road, so I feel that the problem is not big.

12. In the old model, some car owners reported that there was a jam in the rotation of the faucet. Not many people said this, but the personal feeling problem was quite serious. However, Zongshen's after-sales service is very good, and the problems found can generally be properly solved.

It is almost the above 12 shortcomings. In fact, most of the nearly 200 word-of-mouth messages from car owners praise this car. Many car owners are satisfied with this car. Although there are many shortcomings, there is nothing particularly fatal, and RT3 is iteratively upgraded every year, and it is adjusted in a better direction bit by bit. It can be said that it is a very attentive and trustworthy model.

There is no perfect car, just like there is no perfect partner! As long as it can meet your own needs and the shortcomings are not in your sensitive area, it is a good car worth starting with!

Finally, finally, Mark sincerely thanks the friends who can see here! Thank you for your support and affirmation. If this article can help you, it won't waste my time collecting and sorting it out! See you next time ~ ~ ~

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