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Tesla reduced the price by 16w_ What model is Tesla reduced the price by 160,000?)

Cost reduction is the goal that Tesla CEO Musk continues to pursue. Whether it is the commercial rocket SpaceX or Tesla Motors, they are trying their best to reduce costs and selling prices in order to achieve the purpose of subverting the market. On Tesla Battery Day last year, CEO Musk announced that Tesla will produce 25,000 US dollars of electric vehicles, but the battery cost may be the key to whether Tesla can really launch this cheap new car.

Judging from the current situation, it seems difficult for Tesla to reduce the price below $25,000, mainly because of the battery cost. According to the current situation, except for model 3, which will occasionally be slightly reduced due to price fluctuations, the prices of almost all existing Tesla models are not less than 40,000 US dollars. In the absence of a significant decline in the current battery cost, it should be difficult for Musk to achieve this target price.

Although Musk has always been confident about Tesla's launch of a new car, this 160,000-yuan cheap car has only been on paper until now. After all, there are still many new cars waiting for mass production in front of it.

In addition, according to previous reports, Musk revealed that although the price target is set at $25,000, this model will still be equipped with Full-ScaleDeflection software. Previously, Tesla had released an interior rendering without a steering wheel and pedals. In terms of cruising range, there are rumors that the new car may have a cruising performance of 200 miles.


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