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The latest news of Volvo xc90 redesign (2023 pictures of Volvo xc90 price)

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Volvo XC90 Fuel Edition is currently on sale.

Earlier, we reported that Volvo will soon launch a new generation of XC90. The new car will be built on a brand-new pure electric platform and only provide a pure electric drive version. This is undoubtedly not good news for users who are concerned about Volvo XC90. However, things have changed.

Volvo XC90 Fuel Edition is currently on sale.

Recently, Volvo executives said in an interview with overseas media that XC90 fuel version and its replacement pure electric vehicle will be produced at the same time in the future. In addition, the current generation of XC90 fuel version will also launch a modified model in the future to realize the update of styling design, but users can't expect any update of its powertrain. In the end, the XC90 fuel version will stop production and give way to the electrification transformation strategy of Volvo brand.

According to previous news, the new generation Volvo XC90 is expected to be named Embra and officially released in 2022. The new car will learn from the previously released design language of Volvo charging concept car, which has better adaptability to pure electric drive system, or "natural electric".

Volvo Recharge Concept Car

Volvo Recharge Concept Car

According to reports, the new generation Volvo XC90 will be built on the new SPA2 platform. The name Embra is inspired by the first woman created by the gods in Nordic mythology, and this car will also be the first native pure electric vehicle built by Volvo. The new car is expected to adopt the design concept of Volvo concept car, which not only has the high vision of sports utility vehicle, but also will be compatible with the fashionable body lines and better aerodynamic properties of station wagon.

The following is the information about Volvo Recharge Concept Car:

Volvo Recharge Concept Car

The concept car of Volvo Recharge shows the minimalist design style advocated by the brand. The iconic "Raytheon Hammer" light group is maintained on the front face, and the air intake grille of the traditional fuel vehicle is replaced by a closed panel bearing the vehicle logo. At the same time, the height of the "engine" cover of the vehicle is lowered to ensure the driving vision of the vehicle and bring better aerodynamic performance.

Volvo Recharge Concept Car

Volvo Recharge Concept Car

Its body design is also quite distinctive. On the basis of maintaining the passability of sports utility vehicle models, it has a smooth sliding roof line and gets rid of the style of the current XC90 square roof. In the rear part, the concept car uses a simple L-shaped taillight, which maintains a high visual recognition.

Volvo Recharge Concept Car

Inside the vehicle, the Volvo Recharge concept car continues the Scandinavian design style advocated by Volvo. The center console adopts a full LCD instrument panel with a vertical 15-inch touch screen, and the design of the central armrest area is also simplified. At the same time, thanks to the advantages of the original pure electric platform, the car uses a flat floor inside, which will bring a better driving experience.

Volvo Recharge Concept Car

In addition, the car will also have a stronger active safety system, equipped with a lidar sensor made by Lu Minar, which is set at the top of the front of the car to collect the data of the surrounding environment of the car and provide a higher level of driving assistance function. The new car will be manufactured in Volvo's American factory, and the Polar Star 3 model launched in the future is expected to be built on the same platform.

Analysis of new car background and competing products;

Before the first generation Volvo XC90 was redesigned,

After the first generation Volvo XC90 was redesigned,

The second generation Volvo XC90 is on sale now.

In the domestic market, the second-generation Volvo XC90 is currently sold, which went on sale in China in 2015, leading the brand-new design language and brand recovery of the Volvo family. Today, the sales volume of Volvo XC90 has been ranked in the forefront of luxury medium and large sport utility vehicles. Although it is lower than BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE, it has surpassed Audi Q7. It can be said that this generation of Volvo XC90 has been recognized by many users and achieved certain success.

Weilai ES8

Audi electron accelerator

Judging from the changes of the above-mentioned replacement models, although the new generation models will make breakthroughs in product characteristics such as design and pure electric, if they rashly change the styling design and power system that have been recognized by domestic users, they will also bring certain market risks. In terms of competing products, the potential competitors of the new generation Volvo XC90 will increase Audi vacuum tubes, Weilai ES8 and even BMW ion exchange, and other pure electric medium and large off-road vehicles. We will wait and see how their market performance will be.

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