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Price and picture of Great Wall 500 off-road vehicle (price and picture of Great Wall 500 off-road vehicle, minimum price)

On March 30th, 2023 Tank 500 was officially launched, and the price was 335,000-395,000 yuan, which was consistent with the price of the current model. As a small modified model, the new car mainly adjusts the configuration, and optimizes the vehicle stability and vehicle system.

New car highlights:

Configuration adjustment

The 2023 Tank 500 is mainly optimized for configuration. With the functions of standard, the seat back ventilation and rear aviation headrest are added, which further improves the riding experience and comfort, and the bottom guard plate of the transmission is standard, which improves the protection of the transmission when the vehicle is off-road.

In terms of optional bags, only silicone fan, front axle electronically controlled differential lock and outdoor leisure bag are available in the business version and sports version, and 20-inch business rim is available in the business version, which cancels the option of "small schoolbag" backpack spare tire.

Design and power remain unchanged.

Because it is a small modified model, the 2023 tank 500 has not changed in appearance, interior and power. It still adopts a square and tough design, with a hexagonal front grille on the front face, a rough horizontal bar shape inside, and a prominent off-road surround, which is full of off-road flavor.

Part of the car is symmetrically designed, with a 14.6-inch suspended central control screen above the large central armrest box and a full LCD instrument panel. The overall sense of science and technology is good in the hard-core off-road sports utility vehicle, and the car is wrapped in leather, supplemented by wood grain and silver decorative strips, which makes the luxury of the whole car quite brilliant.

The new car has optimized the car system, adding voice wake-up switch, optimizing false wake-up logic and adding voice full car mode.

In terms of power, the 2023 Tank 500 will still be equipped with the Great Wall self-developed 3.0T V6 engine, with a maximum power of 265kW and a peak torque of 500 N m, matching the vertical 9-speed automatic transmission.

The official said that the new model was re-adjusted by software matching, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers was reduced by 1-2 liters. In addition, the vehicle has optimized the handling stability, enhanced hardware redundancy and improved vehicle safety.

Generally speaking, the new car is only optimized in configuration and optional package, and there is not much change, and the PHEV version has not appeared, so personally, it is better to appear on the market together at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, which can further enhance competitiveness.

At present, in the market segment of the same level, Tank 500 has no direct competitors, but because its price is not cheap, and the hard-core off-road market is small, the sales volume has not been high. In contrast, it is more looking forward to the listing of PHEV.

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