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How about the quality of Kerri k50? Video explanation (how about the reputation of Kerri k50)

As the core driving force for the rapid growth of China's automobile market, the popularity of SUV needs no elaboration. With the structural changes of family members in China, the situation of many generations living under one roof has also led to the rise of seven large-space vehicles. However, "encouraging young people to grow up" does not have a good market response, and the debate about whether there are seven seats is endless. The purpose of this test drive of the Kairui K50S is also to prove the real skill of this "7-seat home SUV". Honestly speaking, the K50S is also a big guy that really surprises everyone. So, how did it conquer our love for the seven-seat sport utility vehicle?

People often have a subconscious understanding when buying a car, that is, "the hot sale of a car depends first on whether the appearance of the car is enough to support the face", but the fact is that too radical design concepts may not capture the hearts of consumers. The styling design of the Kerry K50S is well grasped in this respect. The whole car feels heavy and solid, and the rigid curve of the whole body is angular and more handsome, which makes it more prominent, fashionable and young outside the stable atmosphere.

Kairui K50S straight waterfall net is more atmospheric and stable, and does not appear flamboyant. In order to match the overall style, the lower air intake grille adopts the honeycomb design of sports style. Surrounded by the bottom of the car, the whole car doesn't seem to float lightly, but gives people the impression of being safe and strong. In addition, the silver fender at the bottom not only plays a decorative role, but also fully takes into account the scratches caused by complex roads when people are driving, which can play a good role in protecting the car body.

Headlights complement each other with the sharp shape of the Kerry K50S body design, which is sharp and stylish, and the treatment of the end hem makes it more cool and handsome. The internal light source adopts halogen headlights commonly used in the same class, but with lenses, the penetration of driving lighting is more obvious, which improves the safety of driving.

Compared with similar models in the market, the Carrey K50S has added a reversing radar, which is very practical for novices. Many people often have difficulty in parking and warehousing because of nervousness and inaccurate distance measurement when reversing, and even unnecessary things such as scratching appear. The reversing radar combined with reversing images can make reversing easier.

For an urban SUV, at present, it is basically the product of heightening the car chassis, carrying a certain off-road capability and being able to walk on bumpy and complicated road conditions. Consumers are more willing to buy models that can be comfortable and functional. The front drive can bring the K50S with better driving vibration, ride comfort, noise reduction and economic fuel consumption than the rear drive model. According to the product explanation staff of Kairui, the noise insulation cotton in the front cabin of Kairui K50S reaches 5mm, and the idle noise is only 41 decibels with the front drive. In the actual driving process, the mute effect in the car is obvious, which is much quieter than the rear-driving model, which is very suitable for the positioning of the family car.

There is a detail highlight in the trunk that is worth mentioning. For opening and closing the trunk, women are often slightly difficult and laborious. Kerry K50S adds a convenient and labor-saving hydraulic pull rod, which is more practical and practical.

The high ground clearance of 185mm gives the Kairui K50S the unique high passability of urban SUVs, with excellent data of approaching/departing angles of 23 degrees /20 degrees respectively, which can not only ensure daily travel, but also improve the quality of life of taking family members for a leisurely tour. At the same time, the Kerri K50S also adopts 16-inch large-size wheels, and the choice of 205 wide tires and 60/55 flat ratio can make the driving and control performance of the whole vehicle more excellent, and at the same time, the sidewall rigidity is strong and the braking performance is also improved.

Kairui K50S adopts all-black interior and is edged with red thin lines, which makes it more sporty and fashionable, and also conforms to the trend of consumers in the current market. Most importantly, the black interior is less prone to stains, has stronger stain resistance and better high-grade texture. With the stepped center console design, the 7-inch LCD touch screen and the surrounding chrome-plated decoration and piano-like paint materials look more fashionable and fashionable.

In the highlight of the details, the storage compartment designed above the central control of Kerry K50S can be used for placing mobile phones, which is convenient for people to take and place. In the storage area of the side door, the humanized small gasket can prevent slip and absorb shock at the same time, and with the design of the small hook at the door handle, some clothes that are inconvenient to fold or afraid of wrinkling can also be placed at will, which shows that Kairui has paid a lot of attention to the details.

For a "7-seat household SUV", space and air conditioning design can best distinguish authenticity. For example, at present, many 7-seat SUVs add two seats on the basis of the original 5-seat models. The rigid design will not only separate the limited seating space, but also make the third row of seats useless in serious cases. The Kerry K50S adopts a "seven-seat theater" design, and the front and rear views will not be limited. At the same time, the wheelbase of 2755mm can fully ensure the riding comfort of the rear passengers, and the width of 1760mm makes the passage have excellent passenger passability. Because of the large number of passengers, it is very important for the 7-seat SUV to control the air conditioning settings independently in different zones, which can prevent the embarrassing scene of "cold before hot, or hot before cold".

This time, the K50S of Kairui is equipped with handrails in the middle row, so passengers can adjust their sitting posture at will and feel more comfortable.

The 7-inch LCD touch screen has high resolution and quick response after touching, and has very practical functions such as GPS navigation and reversing images. In addition, it also provides the processing speed of 1G kernel and supports 1080P HD video playback. For long-distance rides, MP5 can bring more travel enjoyment to people.

On the whole, the configuration of the Kerry K50S is very rich. The electronic lifting of the front and rear windows is kind, while some competing products will only choose to equip this function in the front row, which is self-evident. The interior rearview mirror is not only equipped with anti-glare, but also has three functions of displaying altitude, direction and air pressure.

The Kerry K50S arranged for this test drive matches the 5-speed manual transmission model, and the gear shift is clear during driving, and the process is smooth and moderate. The effect of braking in the second half is obvious. The most practical use of this training is that sudden braking in driving can easily make the rear vehicles fail to respond and cause traffic accidents, while early warning can effectively prevent accidents.

Summary: At present, there are more and more seven-seat SUVs in China, and after the country liberalized the second-child policy, various manufacturers also publicized the seven-seat SUV products intensively, but people often have concerns about the authenticity of the seven-seat SUV, and the test drive of the Kerry K50S conveyed to us the characteristics and functions that the seven-seat SUV should have. At the same time, excellent driving comfort and convenient operation make people feel comfortable, and driving is quite handy. It is believed that with the continuous increase of the user base, the brand of Kairui automobile will also be qualitatively changed because of this car.

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