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Swift 1.3 or 1.5 saves fuel (Swift 1.3 or 1.5 is better)

Many friends have just graduated or just got a driver's license, and need to buy a scooter for practicing hands. Today, I recommend one to you, a Suzuki Swift in 2010, with a manual displacement of 1.5, which costs more than 20,000 yuan.

For beginners, there is not much demand for driving quality and speed-up control. What is more important is that maintenance is cheap, worry-free, and it is necessary to preserve the value and make good shots, so that it is convenient to change hands for two years without losing money.

This 2010 Suzuki Swift cost more than 20,000 yuan, and it was transferred once. Let's take a look at the car.

The appearance of Swift hasn't changed much for so many years, so it's not out of date. When buying a used car, the appearance is what many friends like. For example, as soon as Pu Sang drives out, the old Elantra is full of time, and the appearance of Swift is not out of date. The hatchback car is easy to drive and well controlled.

Swift's interior is still good. Personally, I feel that the old Swift, especially the Swift 10 years and 11 years ago, started with more than 80,000 manual 1.5. Later, it became cheaper and cheaper, with less configuration and lower driving quality. After all, a penny is worth a penny. Swifts are mostly all-black interiors, which still look very good. The texture of the old models is much better than the new ones, and the materials are solid. The original owner of this car spent almost 1000 yuan to install a big screen, and it is convenient to listen to songs via Bluetooth.

Swift's space performance is very good, the square shape of the internal space is very practical, and it is very convenient to take a walk at home, pick up friends and pull a cargo.

Swift in China mainly has two types of cars with displacement of 1.3 and 1.5, which are manual and automatic. The automatic ones are equipped with 4AT of the same model as Alto Tianyu, of which 1.3 should be equipped with a timing belt, which needs to be replaced about 60,000 kilometers. The 1.5 machine is a timing chain. Anyone who knows a little about cars knows that the chain engine is relatively impatient, and the engine power of 1.5 is much better than that of 1.3.

The advantages and disadvantages of Swift are obvious, and it is well known that it is safe, fuel-efficient and reliable. The fuel-efficient driving is more than one kilometer, and the fuel-consuming driving is more than four cents, but the high-speed driving is noisy and comfortable.

On the whole, Swift, as a used car that can be used as a rider, I still recommend it very much. Compared with the flying fit, the cost performance is very high!

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