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Toyota lc105 price (Toyota lc100 price)

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In this era of the decline of off-road vehicles, all the manufacturers who are still producing hard-core off-road vehicles are worthy of respect. These tough guys are defending the last glory of off-road vehicles in the era of the proliferation of sports utility vehicles, and only these off-road vehicles are the last beauty in the hearts of off-road users. We all hope that this beauty will last until the end.

What would you do if you had half a million dollars? Some people will choose to buy a house and pay a down payment; Some people will choose to start a business and fight for tomorrow; Some people enjoy spending and live in the present. But for an off-road person, the only thing they can do is to buy an off-road vehicle! Then go to those long-coveted distant places to pursue true inner peace.

Then the question comes at this time. If we have more than 500,000 yuan, which off-road vehicle should we buy? At this price, you can buy the moderate Toyota Prado 3.5L, the jeep herdsman Rubicon who is good at climbing rocks, or the second-hand Land Rover Discovery 4 which can take you off-road simply. But now you have another choice, that is, buy a Nissan Toure 4.0L For people who don't know cross-country, this car may be a "broken thing" that costs oil and is difficult to park, but it is a treasure in the eyes of cross-country people.

Speaking of off-road vehicles, Nissan Toure is a car that can never be bypassed. From the birth of the first generation of Toure in 1951 to the latest Y62 model, the Toure has been a totem model in the hearts of countless off-road vehicle enthusiasts after 66 years of evolution of six generations. Being a car for the United Nations peacekeeping force proves the identity of Toule's cross-country king. Only by being top-notch in many aspects such as ability, reliability and adaptability can we be fortunate to be a car for the United Nations peacekeeping force.

In countless literary works, if a hero wants to achieve something, he must defeat his old enemy to unify the whole country. Without the power of Chu overlord Xiang Yu, the story of Emperor Gaozu Liu Bang would not be so wonderful. The old enemy of Nissan Toure is Toyota Land Patrol. For China cross-country enthusiasts, the head-on confrontation between them should start with Y60 versus LC80, then Y61 versus LC100, and now Y62 versus LC200. The two cross-country kings are writing cross-country stories with swords and swords.

The era of Y60 versus LC80 basically started in the 1990s, when the cross-country culture just started in China. It's a great thing to have a small cut, and cross-country enthusiasts who can afford to take a tour and land patrol are by no means ordinary people. And these two cars are very hard-core settings, the suspension of the whole bridge with three front and five rear spiral springs, and the part-time 4wd structure. At that time, the proverb "Y60 chassis, LC80 shell" was circulated in the cross-country circle. The chassis of the Toure Y60 was so strong that many cross-country racing cars in China are still modified from Y60 chassis, and the two cars are really equally divided.

The era of Y61 versus LC100 is after 2000. The chassis design of Y60 is basically used in the Toure Y61, but it is still designed with a hard bridge and a hard horse with a more efficient engine. Toyota LC100 changed the front suspension to independent suspension with double wishbone torsion bar spring for better city driving performance, but the torsion bar spring greatly limited the travel and modification space of the front suspension, so Toyota was forced to launch a shell car-LC 105 based on LC80 chassis and LC100 appearance. Up to now, the Y61 has continued to sell in the Middle East, Australia and other markets. In this battle, the Y61 has won.

What we are experiencing is the era of TOOLA Y62 versus Toyota LC200. The global off-road culture is also undergoing tremendous changes, the road maintenance is getting better and better, and UTV is also developing vigorously. If an off-road vehicle cannot adapt to urban and high-speed road conditions, then its living space will become very small. The changes made by Toure Y62 are enormous. The atmospheric appearance, luxurious interior, four-wheel independent suspension and other changes make Y62 survive well in the city. Toyota LC200 has also made a positive change. The technology configuration and the addition of many electronic systems make it easy for LC200 to go off-road.

How will life be different when we spend more than 500,000 yuan on Nissan Toure 4.0L?

1. Meet riders from all over the country.

This is an era when money is rampant. It seems that there is only money left between people to maintain the relationship. We can see on TV that our brothers turn against each other because of the demolition money. I really don't know where we can have real brothers and friends. But when we really drove out of the house in a Nissan Toure 4.0L car and formed a motorcade with strangers to go to go on road trip, we found that the good side of human nature had never been lost. Everyone will help each other to complete the journey together, and will not hesitate to lend a helping hand to the trapped vehicles. Everyone is using practical actions to practice "The farther the road is, the closer the heart is!" And "no brothers, no cross-country!" The slogan.

2. See the beautiful scenery

Why don't people like to travel with tour groups? The reason is actually simple. No one likes to eat what others have chewed. The inner satisfaction brought by discovering a beautiful place through their own efforts is beyond words. But the road to find beautiful scenery is arduous, and only real off-road vehicles can satisfy us. Nissan Toure 4.0L is our most loyal partner and has always been with us.

3, more knowledge

The ancients always said, "Read thousands of books and follow Wan Li Road". In ancient times, it was not easy to read because of the lack of educational resources, but in this era of information explosion, it is really not difficult to read thousands of books. If you like, a mobile phone with 128G memory can put in more than N world famous books. Even if you use your mobile phone badly, the books in it may not be finished. However, with the development of the transportation system, it is extremely easy for us to get from A to B, and there is no longer the profound meaning of taking Wan Li Road in ancient times. Fortunately, we have an off-road vehicle, which allows us to "ask for it", drive the Nissan Toure 4.0L to enjoy all kinds of hardships on the road, learn knowledge that we can't learn in books, and find ourselves on the road.

4. A more peaceful state of mind

The road has gone far, but my heart has calmed down. I don't know my smallness until I see so many mountains and rivers, and I look down on some trivial things in life. It's not a slack in ordinary life, but a complete change in values. When dealing with trivial matters in the workplace and life with a normal heart, you will find that you are all relaxed, and that kind of peaceful state of mind has never been seen before.

Write at the end:

Nissan Toure 4.0L, a "broken thing" in the eyes of ordinary people, is the best antidote for off-road people. Maybe they are crazy in the eyes of ordinary people, but once these "crazy people" drive the off-road vehicle to the sacred place in their hearts, they will have no disease.

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