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Is it troublesome to import used cars? How much is it (what are the procedures for importing used cars)

A few days ago, I brushed an article published last weekend, saying that it would cost 1500 yuan to buy a car and get a license in a store. I was shocked out of my jaw! This is more than 10 times or even dozens of times the normal listing price!

In fact, you only need to spend 20 to 125 yuan to get the license plate. Today, with the rapid and extensive dissemination of information, there are still people who spend thousands of dollars on their cars. Either you are willing to accept the "service" or you really don't know anything about it and don't understand it seriously.

Now, taking private cars as an example, I will give you a detailed list of every fee required for getting a license.

Temporary license plate fee

If you don't get a license immediately after buying a car, the vehicle management office or their service outlets will print two temporary cards for you, indicating the effective start and end dates and the driving area. The charging standard is 5 yuan!

If there is an on-site licensing point where you buy a car, you can choose the number, make the card and license it immediately after you buy the car, and you don't have to spend this 5 yuan.

Now most places don't need to consider paying the purchase tax. The tax department cooperates with the traffic police department to send people to the vehicle management office, or set up tax payment points at the service points of the vehicle management office, which can handle car purchase, tax payment and licensing in a "one-stop" way.

Therefore, buying a car on the same day can be achieved, and these five dollars can be saved!

Driving license fee

Including an original, a copy, a driving license shell, only qualified manufacturers can print, each book has a unique number, and the plastic packaging film outside also has many anti-counterfeiting marks.

In the past, it was 15 yuan. In 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a document to adjust it to 10 yuan. Look carefully, this is the price set by the National Development and Reform Commission! Local departments can't raise standards at will!

This driving license, under normal circumstances, you can also use it for many years, and it is really cheap!

Cost of registration certificate

It's the big green book, which proves the ownership of the vehicle. This book can only be printed by qualified manufacturers, but the price is also set by the state. Now it's RMB 10 yuan!

Moreover, unless the book is full, you can print the information related to the vehicle directly on this book without changing it. Others don't need to get a new green book when they buy your car, so register it in your green book for him to continue to use!

licence fee

Including two license plates in front and two packages of fixing screws, a total of 100 yuan. The blue brand of fuel car and the green brand of new energy car are all the same standards. Moreover, in some cities, there are preferential policies for new energy vehicles, and license fees are exempted. In this way, your expenses on the license plate are zero!

Summary of expenses

In this way, if you buy a new energy vehicle, there is a free licensing policy in the local area, and you get the license on the day you buy the car, then you can complete the vehicle licensing business by paying the cost of the driving license and registration certificate, totaling 20 yuan!

If the car you buy does not enjoy the policy of free licensing, and you can't get the license plate on the spot, it will cost a total of 125 yuan to license the car!

Are there any other fees to pay?

It's gone That's all. What's more, it's all hitchhiking charges and illegal charges!

There is no charge for rubbing strips.

From 2018, rubbing is not allowed to charge! The vehicle management office must provide free rubbing service. Moreover, when some 4S shops sell cars, they will also give photos of vehicles and rubbing strips with good engine numbers with them, so as to improve the speed of car inspection when licensing.

There is a formal invoice for payment.

The vehicle management office and its service outlets will issue you a non-tax bill or provide you with an electronic invoice download website for these fees you pay for vehicle registration.

New cars and used cars are the same.

The standard of payment is the same! Also, you can't include insurance premium, vehicle and vessel tax, purchase tax and invoice fee for used car transactions. These are not licensing fees!

The charging standard is publicized.

If you feel that you don't know these standards and feel wronged, I can tell you that there are charging standards publicized at the vehicle management office or the service outlets of the vehicle management office! This must be publicized! Even if you don't look at the publicity, it's easy to search online.

It's very convenient to handle it yourself.

If you think playing cards is too troublesome and time-consuming, you can make an appointment! Many local vehicle management offices have online booking services, which can be done at their own appointed time, and then leave after finishing.

Moreover, in addition to the vehicle management office, some 4S shops, used car trading markets, insurance companies and financial institutions can handle the licensing business nearby. Now the country is promoting the new mode of online car sales, online registration, online number selection and mail delivery, and it will be more and more convenient to buy a car and get a license!

Readers, is it convenient for you to buy a car and get a license there? Did you only spend the expenses listed above, or did you spend a lot of money?

Hello! Thank you for reading this article. I am a driver who is predestined friends with the road, recording and sharing knowledge and life related to driving. Welcome to pay attention and get policies and knowledge related to cars and driver's licenses at any time.

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