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Magotan Forum gearbox is in emergency operation mode and can continue driving (Magotan gearbox is in emergency movement mode).

DQ380 gearbox is widely carried by Volkswagen in recent years, but the failure rate of its electromechanical unit has also started to occur frequently recently, especially the instrument prompts that "the gearbox is in emergency operation mode and can continue driving", and the symptoms are that there is no 1357 gear, only 246 reverse gear, or no 246 reverse gear, only 1357 gear. These failures are common in Tiguan, Magotan, Passat, Skoda Express, Kodiak and other models. Many riders are worried about the consequences of continuing driving in an emergency operation mode.

There is something wrong with the gearbox. Will there be consequences if I continue driving?

In fact, this consequence is mainly manifested in the hidden dangers of driving safety. First of all, when the car shows that "the gearbox is in emergency operation mode", although sometimes it is only accidental, we must be clear that this time not only the lack of gear, but also the electromechanical unit of the car is already in the brewing period of other faults. Although some cars will also display "You can continue driving" at the same time, this prompt means that the car can continue driving temporarily. The implication is that the car needs to seek professional inspection and maintenance. It does not mean that the car can drive safely for a long time, let alone that the owner can ignore this phenomenon.

If you continue driving for a long time, the electromechanical unit that is already in the gestation period of other faults will also lead to more faults, such as missing 1357 gear or reversing 246 gear during long-term driving. In some special traffic environments, abnormal shift logic may lead to mechanical damage of related gears due to the imbalance of internal working conditions of the gearbox, and more damage will inevitably lead to increased maintenance costs. In the process of gradual derivation of the fault, it is also likely that the car will suddenly lose power and not go. In this case, especially on the highway, the car suddenly stalls, and the danger can be imagined.

Can the electromechanical unit be repaired if it fails?

This Tiguan L has only run more than 40,000 kilometers, and there is no 1357 gear occasionally when driving. The instrument prompts that "the gearbox is in emergency operation mode and can continue driving". The owner knows that it is actually dangerous to continue driving. So I found the 4S shop as soon as possible, but the customer service staff of the 4S shop said that it was necessary to change the assembly to solve the problem. After all, it takes a lot of money to change the assembly, so the owner turned to a friend for help, but it's okay! My friend once experienced the same problem. After being introduced by a friend, the owner quickly found a way.

Over the past year, many stores in transit have had many Volkswagen cars to repair mechanical and electrical units. For example, Magotan, Passat, Skoda Express, Kodiak, etc., and often have problems after 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers, and similar failures have all been successfully repaired. Master Fu Shuo, this DQ380 Volkswagen gearbox has been widely used since 2016. Almost 40,000-50,000 km has set up many hurdles for cars, which also exposed the design defects of the gearbox to some extent. The fault code of this vehicle is P173600- clutch position sensor 2 electrical fault. Master Fu Shuo, this problem is by no means that many people say that the assembly must be changed to solve the problem. In fact, a repair can solve the problem.

Maintenance summary

Aiming at the failure of gear missing of electromechanical unit of DQ380 gearbox, we have long-term and rich experience. As the master clearly pointed out, the problem can be solved by maintenance without changing the assembly. The maintenance is not only affordable, but also as good as new, and there is a warranty! If riders have other questions about the gearbox, you can also ask us. We can usually fix the common faults of gearbox in one day!

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