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Great Wall Tantok 300 price picture modified car (how about Great Wall Tantok 300 price)

Off-road vehicles are the common dream of many male car owners, but for the domestic car environment, there are not many places where off-road vehicles can be used, which makes many consumers have to reluctantly give up what they love and choose urban off-road vehicles. But when their own brands also enter the off-road market, and it is still a luxury off-road vehicle market, off-road and comfortable commuting in the city will gradually be given consideration. One of the representative models is the tank 300, and what we want to see here is a top-of-the-line 2021 tank 300 2.

appearance design

In the front design, this tank 300 adopts the box style of arc-edged structure disposal, the hood provides independent air intake cooling holes, the grille and headlights are planned in the same rounded rectangular interval, and the front bumper acts as an anti-collision buffer structure, completing the overall wide-body disposal and expanding the approach angle at the same time.

In headlight design, the retro headlight is an integrated circular cavity, and the matrix LED far and near lights are symmetrically disposed up and down. The outline, daytime running and turning lights are arranged in the center, and the horizontal penetration is completed, while the LED fog lights are arranged in the triangular structure of the bumper.

In the sideways design, the length, width and height of the tank 300 reached 4679/1967/1958 mm, and it has a wheelbase of 2750 mm.. The tall and straight car body structure is relatively straight in nature, the waistline adopts a three-dimensional arc bulge to connect the front and rear of the car body, and the side of the chassis is equipped with wide-body off-road kits, and these wide-body kits are equipped with backward brake cooling holes. The luggage rack in the roof structure also adopts an integral design with a fixed frame.

In the rear design, the square structure is extended outward on the D-pillar structure, with an independent tail wing at the top, while the side-opening tailgate is equipped with an external spare tire, and the rear bumper is also a part of the wide-body kit, with a middle net to hide the exhaust, and at the same time, it also provides a bottom cross-country anti-collision movement guard.

Taillight design, the vertical taillights are arranged on the downward extension structure of the D-pillar, but not on the tailgate. The taillights of 1000 light-emitting diodes are arranged with turn signals, position lights, rear fog lights, brake lights, etc. From the outside to the inside, and the overall lampshade cavity is designed with blackening and light transmission.

Interior design

In terms of cabin design, the center console of tank 300 adopts a penetrating layout. Under the top soft bag, there are air outlets at both ends, an instrument panel and a central control integrated screen, and an auxiliary baffle decorative board. The central air outlet is also barrel-shaped, the air-conditioning control surrounds the clock, the electronic gear lever is designed with a special pull rod, and the steering wheel is designed with a right circle and three spokes. At the same time, the shift mechanism, the inner door panel and other areas are mixed with painted panels and metal, and the seats are Nappa leather.

In terms of information and entertainment, the intelligent interconnection system equipped with dual 12.3-inch touch screens has obtained real-time navigation, remote car control, intelligent voice interaction and more online functions through 4G support. Among them, voice interaction can quickly adjust air conditioners and skylights, and this system also retains the mobile phone interconnection function.

In terms of function configuration, the auxiliary driving system of the tank 300 is mainly based on L2-level self-driving adaptive cruise, and does not provide ICA intelligent cruise assistance, but supports panoramic+blind spot image of chassis perspective, crawling mode and tank turning function. Electric sunroof, fixed pedal, 64-color ambient light, 220V power supply and Yanfei Lishi audio are provided in the cabin, leather seats also support electric adjustment/heating/ventilation, and the main driver's seat also has massage function.

In terms of seating space, the tank 300 can provide an experiencer with a height of 177cm with 1 punch+head space in the front and rear rows, and the leg allowance in the second row is close to 3 punches; The floor is slightly raised, but the impact on the feet is not obvious.

In terms of storage space, the tank 300 adopts a flat floor, which can keep enough margin for more goods storage after being put into more than three luggage case, and the height of 930mm is also suitable for placing large-volume goods. After the rear seat is laid down, it can be flush with the trunk, which also ensures the practicability after expansion.

Mechanical structure

In the power system, the tank 300 is equipped with a self-developed 2.0T turbocharged engine of Great Wall with a maximum power of 167kW(227Ps) and a maximum torque of 387N·m, and is matched with an 8AT gearbox and a part-time 4wd system, which supports low-speed torque amplification and 2H/4H/4L three driving modes.

On the chassis suspension, the tank 300 built on the non-loaded car body structure, the front axle is a double wishbone independent suspension with strong lateral support, and the rear axle is an integral bridge dependent suspension with girders. Through the differential locks arranged on the front and rear axles, the chassis with multi-lock combination can cope with various extreme environments and get rid of difficulties.

Write it at the end

The hardware support of the tank 300 is hard enough. The 2.0T+8AT+ part-time 4wd and the double differential lock all emphasize the extreme off-road capability of the vehicle, and the electronic control software system and functions it got at the auxiliary end are also serving its comprehensive off-road capability. However, as we mentioned earlier, the Nappa leather and intelligent entertainment accessories provided by the tank 300 in the cabin are also improving the comprehensive comfort of the vehicle in daily driving, which will also make the luxury off-road vehicle meet various car demands.

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