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What are the motorcycle with pig head cover (retro motorcycle with pig head cover)

There are a lot of domestic retro motorcycles, but the cafe-style retro models with pig head covers in the early 10 thousand seem to be only Lifan's KPM150 cafe!

At the Chongqing Motor Expo, Lifan unveiled a new small-displacement retro motorcycle, a cafe version based on KPM150, with the prices of 11,980 yuan and 13,180 yuan respectively. The main difference is the anti-lock braking system.

Lifan's "coffee" style is retro, not just in appearance. As we all know, the racing cafe is a retro style that is very close to racing. Therefore, in view of the positioning of the cafe, KPM150 coffee version is not only equipped with separate handlebars, but also raises the pedals, which actually creates a fighting riding posture.

In addition to the "pig's head cover" and the single headlight with round lights, the design of the fuel tank and cushion on the same level is naturally indispensable, including the external rearview mirror, which are very classic elements of the racing cafe.

In order to further enhance the retro atmosphere, the design of belt metal lock is adopted on the fuel tank, and the dark coffee leather cushion and back hump play a decisive role in creating the atmosphere of the whole racing cafe.

Today's retro models can't blindly pursue classicality, and their configuration should keep up with the times. The KPM150 coffee version is equipped with a circular monochromatic LED instrument, and the instrument is installed on the fuel tank. This design is full of personality. In order to facilitate riders' later modification, the KPM150 coffee version adopts a split frame.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with the NRF150 single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine developed by Lifan itself, with a maximum power of 13kw/9500rpm and a maximum torque of 14.5 Nm/7500rpm, which is the leading level among domestic similar models.

From the dynamic diagram given by Lifan, we can see that the sitting posture of KPM150 coffee version is not particularly fighting. Of course, it is not so extreme, and it is more or less to compromise the final sales. If you sit back a little, you can still ride in a very fighting posture.

However, it should be noted that the displacement of this car is only 149cc after all, so there is definitely no way to bring you a very amazing performance in terms of power. After all, its price is also there.

Lifan KPM150 Coffee Edition can give you enough "style" and a high standard. You can play in such a tasteful racing driver's cafe for less than 15,000 yuan. Do you have any choice at this price?

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