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Touran rearview mirror adjustment also moves on the left and right (Touran rearview mirror adjustment fails).

It has been more than five years since the last generation of Touran went on the market, but it seems to be a bit untimely, because the domestic MPV market was still in a tepid state at that time, and consumers would hardly consider buying an MPV model as their home except for commercial use. However, with the gradual rationalization of people's car demand and the liberalization of the second child policy, ordinary cars and even 7-seat SUVs can no longer meet the car demand of many families, so MPV has just become the best choice at present.

Today, as MPV is gradually becoming the mainstream, SAIC Volkswagen has just launched the "brand new Touran L". I believe that the meaning of "L" is very clear to everyone, except that it has better space performance than the old Touran, and other aspects can be described as a completely new upgrade. Let's take a look at where this "brand new Touran L" is "new".

Touran L/ Old Touran Price Comparisoncar make and modelOfficial selling priceTouran l15.58-23.08Old Touran13.98-19.68Aika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

From the price point of view alone, the new Touran L has a slight increase compared with the old Touran, but regardless of powertrain or configuration, the new Touran L has been improved in all directions, and its cost performance is more prominent. I will introduce this in detail later.


In the previous generation, Touran's styling was biased towards the design of the van, which gave people a feeling of being square and square, which was also the reason why many families could not accept it. After many models of Volkswagen were changed or replaced one after another in the later period, only Touran still continued the design style of Volkswagen a few years ago. Obviously, the focus of Volkswagen was not on Touran at that time, but it is no wonder that the MPV market was far from the current popularity.

On the other hand, the new Touran L, which adopts the latest family design language of Volkswagen, makes people's eyes shine, and even calls it amazing, because the change is too great. The body lines are sharp and natural, simple and smooth, and become younger and more fashionable. Compared with the old models, the A-pillar of the new Touran L has a larger inclination angle, so it has the flavor of a station wagon, and the drag coefficient reaches 0.296, which looks quite dynamic. The younger orientation makes the audience of the new Touran L wider and wins the favor of more young consumers.

The lamp group is very exquisite in shape. We have seen similar designs on Golf 7 before. The three models with high matching are equipped with xenon headlights, daytime running lights, automatic headlights, steering headlights, steering auxiliary lights and headlight cleaning, which are not only beautiful in shape, but also very high in configuration.

Body size comparison

Compared with the old Touran, the body size of the new Touran L has been improved in all directions, especially in terms of body length and wheelbase, and the wheelbase has increased by 113mm, while the change of body height is not obvious. This change not only brings more spacious interior space, but also creates smoother and lower visual effects. In addition, although the new Touran L has become bigger, thanks to the advantages of MQB platform, the quality of servicing has decreased accordingly.

Body size comparison

longwidetallwheelbase (of a vehicle)Quanxin touran l

Four thousand five hundred and twenty-seven

One thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine

One thousand six hundred and fifty-nine

Two thousand seven hundred and ninety-one

TOURANFour thousand three hundred and ninety-fiveOne thousand seven hundred and ninety-fourOne thousand six hundred and fifty-eightTwo thousand six hundred and seventy-eightAika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

interior decoration

The interior of the old Touran has no bright spots, even the high-profile models still look simple. Although the workmanship is good, it lacks some exquisite and fashionable elements, and the all-black interior style will also make the passengers in the car feel a sense of oppression.

When you first see the interior of the brand-new Touran L, you can never imagine that this is an MPV that locates the home. The use of chrome plating, piano paint, wood grain decoration and other materials has improved the atmosphere in the whole carriage by more than one grade, and the visual effect and touch almost reached the highest level of the same level. The three-spoke steering wheel has a flat bottom design, which is rich in functions and excellent in grip. The point is, even if it is a mid-low manual transmission model, the new Touran L will never make you feel cheap. If the appearance change of the new Touran L is expected as a replacement product, then the interior is the biggest surprise for me.

Comparison of appearance and interior decoration


As a replacement model, there is no doubt that the new Touran L has improved its configuration, and it is absolutely sincere. Through the following comparison, I believe that everyone can more intuitively see what advantages the new Touran L has compared with the old models. Take Touran L 280TSI DSG Shu Ya Edition as an example. As the second top model of 1.4T model, it is also the one with the highest cost performance. Compared with the top model of the old Touran 1.4T DSG flagship version, it has the following configurations:

Touran L 280TSI DSG Shu Ya version compared with the old top with Touran advantage configuration.

Automatic parkingPanoramic sunroofreversing imageRear cup holderSteering assist lightInterior atmosphere lampRear independent air conditioningEngine start and stopAika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

In addition, the new Touran L also provides three optional packages for consumers to choose from, namely, the intelligent navigation optional package: an intelligent MIB car multimedia system integrating navigation, 6.5-inch color touch screen and CarPlay functions; Baby worry-free optional package: integrated child safety seat; Magic space optional package: 7-seat version. These three optional packages are very cost-effective, and can be selected according to different needs.

The integrated child safety seat is the biggest highlight of the new Touran L. Especially today, when the safety of children's riding is paid more and more attention, the practice of the new Touran L has played a leading role for many automobile manufacturers and deserves praise.

It can be seen that the sub-top configuration of the new Touran L is better than that of the old top model, and the configuration of the highest 1.4T or 1.8T luxury model is extremely rich, with many more: knee airbag, keyless entry/start, electric trunk, electric adjustment of main and passenger seats, front seat heating, automatic anti-glare of interior/exterior rearview mirrors, electric folding of rearview mirrors, automatic parking, parallel assistance, lane keeping, etc.

Performance of the old Touran ride space

The rear seat space of the old Touran is still spacious, but to be honest, the practicality of the third row is not too high. It is only suitable for sitting some children or thin ladies, which cannot meet the riding needs of normal adults.

New Touran L Second Row Space Performance

The normal legroom in the second row has reached two fists, and the spacious legroom, with the design of three independent seats in the second row of the brand-new Touran L and the almost flat central platform, can easily seat three adults.

Third row seats

Adjust the second row of seats to a suitable position, and two adults can still sit in the third row normally, so it is not a problem to travel short or halfway.

power system

Dynamic parameter comparison

Old Touran 1.4T DSGThe new Touran L 280TSI DSGNew Touran L 330 DSGMaximum powerOne hundred and thirty-oneOne hundred and fiftyone hundred and eighty Maximum power speedFive thousandFive thousand4300-6250maximum torqueTwo hundred and twentyTwo hundred and fiftyThree hundredMaximum torque speed1750-35001750-30001450-4100Aika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

The new Touran L 330 DSG powertrain

The 1.8T model is equipped with the third-generation EA888 engine, which is matched with a seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. This brand-new powertrain has been experienced in other models of Volkswagen before, with excellent ride comfort and power performance, and good fuel economy.

The new Touran L 280 TSI DSG powertrain

The 1.4T model is still equipped with EA211 engine, which is matched with a seven-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox. Although the powertrain has not changed, after re-adjustment, the data parameters have been greatly improved and the power performance is even better. If there is no high demand for power, this 1.4T engine will not be a problem at all to drive the brand-new Touran L, and the daily driving is very brisk.


Judging from various data and configuration parameters, the new Touran L is definitely a sincere product. Not only the changes in shape and interior are eye-catching, but the configuration greatly improved compared with the old Touran also makes it more competitive and cost-effective, and its top version has almost become the most abundant model in its class. In addition, the practicality of the third row seat, the integrated child safety seat, and the economical and efficient power system are hard to find unsatisfactory places, and it is a product with very strong comprehensive strength. In today's increasingly hot multi-purpose vehicles, the arrival of the new Touran L just meets the car demand of many families, and I believe the subsequent market performance must be very worth looking forward to.

Space, configuration, power system

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