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Changan 75csplus price 2022 automatic interior (Changan 75csplus price 2021)

Recently, the third-generation Changan CS75PLUS was officially launched, and the guide price of the new car was 1.249-1.499 million yuan. Compared with the second-generation model, there were slight adjustments in appearance and configuration, and it will continue to benchmark Haval H6, BYD Song plus DM-i and other models.

The front face of the third generation model is upgraded with borderless mesh, which is closer to the style of university sequence. The internal structure of the vents on both sides has also changed, and the overall visual effect is more refined and personalized. The whole system is equipped with 225/55 tires and 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

The body size is 4710/1865/1710mm, and the tail style has not changed much. The through LED taillights are still used, and the bumper has double exhaust pipes and diffusers, but the diffusers are simpler than the old models.

The interior layout continues the old style, with double 12.3-inch conjoined large screens as standard. The center console has a clear sense of hierarchy, and most functions can be operated with the help of the car system, eliminating a large number of physical buttons. In addition to carbon crystal black monochrome, it will also provide ice crystal blue/white, black/lava red and other color matching interiors.

The basic configuration focuses on providing multi-function steering wheel, keyless start, electronic gear lever, automatic air conditioner, one-button lifting of the whole window, opening panoramic sunroof, wireless charging of mobile phones and other functions.

The car machine supports car networking, OTA upgrade, WIFI hotspot, original factory interconnection mapping, GPS navigation, facial recognition, gesture control and other functions. The high match will also add automatic anti-glare interior rearview mirror, 64-color atmosphere light, SONY Sony stereo, 8 speakers and remote control of mobile APP.

Such as 360-degree panoramic images, transparent chassis, steep slope descent, etc., are fully equipped, and L2-level assisted driving and built-in driving recorder are added.

The wheelbase of the third-generation model remains unchanged at 2710mm, and the whole system is equipped with leather-like sports style seats, which provide functions such as electric seat adjustment, driver's seat heating/electric position memory, rear backrest adjustment, etc. The rear platform is almost flat in the middle, ensuring the comfort of the middle passengers' feet, and the internal space is still the advantage of the third-generation model.

On the basis of automatic air conditioning, it also provides functions such as temperature zone control, rear air outlet, air purification and negative ion generator to meet the demands of front and rear passengers for temperature control and high-quality air quality.

The third generation is equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, of which 1.5T has a maximum output of 138kW/188HP and a peak torque of 300 Nm, matching the 8AT gearbox, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 6.96L;: The maximum output of 2.0T is 171kW/233HP, and the peak torque is 390 Nm, which is also matched with 8AT gearbox. The comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 7.9L.

The minimum no-load ground clearance of the vehicle is 190mm, and the chassis adopts front and rear independent suspension, with approach angle of 20 degrees and departure angle of 24 degrees, which can ensure good trafficability in complex road conditions.

Compared with the second generation models, some models of the third generation mainly increase the front collision warning, upgrade the 19-inch wheels, and increase the functions of window control, engine starting, seat heating and so on by remote control of the mobile APP.

The third-generation 1.5T automatic distinguished model of 2023 is the first one for home use, with a guide price of 129,900 yuan. Compared with the lowest automatic luxurious model, it increases the functions of air purification, one-button lifting of the whole window, electric adjustment of the co-pilot seat, heating of the front seat, electric control trunk, Bluetooth remote control key, full-speed adaptive cruise, active braking, front collision warning and so on, and has obvious improvement in practicality and safety.

Compared with BYD Song PLUS DM-i, it has certain advantages in all aspects of configuration, and the superposition price is more affordable and the cost performance is slightly higher; Compared with Haval H6, it has certain advantages in design, practicality and convenience.

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From the perspective of monthly sales volume, Changan CS75PLUS still has a relatively stable market space. This time, the third-generation model is launched, trying to further enhance its competitiveness by adjusting its image and configuration. However, in the era of new energy vehicles, fuel vehicles still need to continuously improve their cost performance advantages, because sometimes the price cannot completely determine the fate of a fuel vehicle.

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