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Chang 'an Mini Minicar Edition Electric Vehicle Interior Modification (Chang 'an Electric Vehicle Benben Minicar Interior)

To say the hottest new energy vehicle, Wuling Hongguang Miniev deserves it, and it ranks first in sales volume every month. With the explosion of Hongguang mini-electric car, Changan Automobile also launched Changan Lu Min while the iron is hot. The new car is built on Changan's brand-new EPA0 platform, which has improved a lot in safety, battery life, space and other aspects compared with similar products released earlier.

Today, let's see if Chang 'an Lu Min, as a latecomer, can shake Hongguang Miniev's benchmark position. Below, let's compare it.

What are the highlights of both cars?

Both cars are A00-level products for transportation, and their audiences are relatively wide. Then what are the highlights of them? Let's sort them out.

Highlights of Chang 'an Lu Min:

The appearance design of Lu Min waxy corn in Chang 'an is very cute, and the side of the car body can also be equipped with the design of hidden door handles, showing a very simple outline. The car body also provides seven color schemes, including fog white, moss green, lake blue, magpie gray, dew green, wheat yellow and cherry powder, which can meet the needs of different consumers.

The most eye-catching interior of Chang 'an Lu Min is the 10.25-inch central control panel. What's important is that it is standard in the whole system. In addition, it is equipped with two airbags: electronically controlled exterior rearview mirror, reversing image, tire pressure monitoring and driver and passenger. These seemingly simple configurations are given by many competing products of the same level.

In terms of power, Changan Lu Min has two kinds of peak power, 30/35kW, and offers three endurance versions of 155km, 210km and 301km to choose from. In terms of batteries, the new car adopts lithium iron phosphate batteries of Zhongchuang Singapore Airlines, with capacities of 12.92 kWh, 17.65 kWh and 27.99 kWh, corresponding to 155 km, 210 km and 301 km respectively.

Hongguang Miniev highlights:

In order to satisfy more consumers' diversification of vehicle appearance, interior design, practicality and safety, Wuling also launched the macaroon version. Compared with the ordinary version, the macaroon version has a more fashionable car color painting, and also adds the main driver airbag, which further upgrades the safety of the vehicle.

Hongguang Mineyev is equipped with a rear single motor with a maximum power of 20kW and a peak torque of 85n m. The transmission system is an electric vehicle single-speed gearbox. The power battery provides 13.82 kWh and 9.2 kWh, and the NEDC battery life is 170 km and 120 km respectively.

On the basis of the ordinary version, Wuling has launched the Hongguang MINI EV GAMEBOY version, which can be customized with its favorite appearance kit through the LING LAB personalized customization platform. The platform provides basic modeling of four themes, namely, black phantom of the hurricane, green jungle crossing, white star trek and milky party sweetheart.

On this basis, you can personalize the front grille, car body enclosure, car body pull, wheel hub, luggage rack, etc. If you are not satisfied with the four basic colors, you can also choose four color-changing films: blue-purple, cyan, matt gray and orange. It is reported that the options provided on LING LAB will be continuously updated in the future, adding more types and promoting them to other models.

Whose appearance is better?

In terms of appearance, the design of Changan Lumin is very cute. The front face adopts a closed grille design, and the round light group is well integrated with the shape of the car. It is equipped with LED daytime running lights and headlights of halogen light sources. It also has the effect of running water lighting.

Hongguang MINIEV has a Wuling luminous logo in the center of the front light group, and symmetrical light bands are also decorated on both sides of the luminous logo of the high-profile model, which has high recognition. In addition, the whole system also comes standard with personalized wheels and brand-new matte electroplating car keys. In addition, in addition to the regular version, there are macaroon version and GAMEBOY version for consumers to choose from.

How to design a scooter with a sense of youth and fashion, or at least make young people in this era look not annoying, is actually not an easy problem, and both of them have done it. In terms of appearance, Changan Lumin looks more cute than the square Hongguang MINIEV.

Whose cockpit is smarter?

For the interior, Changan Lumin adopts a suspended central control display and electronic instrument panel, and the two-color interior color matching also makes it look full of vitality.

The interior design of Hongguang MINI EV is very simple. Looking at it, the center console only has some knobs and buttons, which is somewhat "empty" as a whole.

Although it is a scooter, I believe consumers will also be curious about who is more dominant in configuration. Below, we selected two models with similar prices for comparison.

As can be seen from the above table, among the two models with similar prices, Lumin has a slight advantage. Changan Lumin has more functions than Hongguang MINIEV, such as seat belt unfastened prompt, voice recognition control system and so on. Hongguang MINIEV, on the other hand, has two more speakers and automatic locking of driving than Changan Lumin.

Whose space is more spacious?

Let's look at a set of body data first. The length, width and height of Changan Lumin body are 3270/1700/1545mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 1980mm;; Hongguang MINIEV has a length, width and height of 2920/1493/1621mm and a wheelbase of 1940mm, while Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY has a length, width and height of 3061/1520/1665mm and a wheelbase of 2010mm respectively. Looking at the body size alone, Changan Lumin will be more dominant.

As for the actual riding space, the following effects are for reference only because the height and weight of the experiencer cannot be unified.

Who is stronger in cruising range?

In terms of power, Changan Lumin has two kinds of peak power, 30/35kW, and offers three endurance versions of 155km, 210km and 301km to choose from.

Hongguang MINIEV is equipped with a rear single motor with a maximum power of 20kW and a peak torque of 85N·m, while the power battery provides two capacities of 13.82kWh and 9.2kWh, and the battery life of NEDC is 170km and 120km respectively.

As can be seen from the above data table, the book data of Changan Lumin Power is more dominant than Hongguang MINIEV. Next, let's take a look at the driving performance of the two cars.

Changan Lumin driving performance:

For a long time, I didn't have high expectations for a car at this price when driving. In fact, you will find the light pleasure impressive when you drive on the Lumin in Chang 'an. It can be said that the maximum power of 30kW is enough to drive this car, not to mention the abundant power. The acceleration within 60km/h can be said to be on call, and there is nothing wrong with being qualified for the most commonly used speed range in the city.

Changan Lumin provides two driving modes. In Eco mode, the power output of the whole section is soft, and you need to step on the electric pedal deeply in the middle and late section to feel the obvious sense of speed increase. In this mode, the power consumption and cruising range will have good performance; In Sport mode, the transmission between the switch pedal and the motor will be more direct, and the sense of acceleration will be more intuitive. Compared with ECO mode, it is a magic weapon that can give you enough confidence to drive on the expressway, but it is also a big test for power consumption.

Chassis suspension adjustment is good for this price model, without the blunt and cheap impact of other cars at the same level. Moderate soft and hard suspension settings ensure sufficient driving comfort, and affirm the vibration filtering performance of gullies or bumpy road sections. When continuous high-frequency vibration occurs, the rear suspension has no obvious redundant bouncing feeling, ensuring the comfort of daily driving.

Changan Lumin's compact body is quite comfortable to shuttle through the city. There is no pressure to drive in the narrow lanes of the old city, and it is quite convenient to park. You don't need to drive too many directions to get into the parking space. Although the car is small, in a crowded city, this kind of car has great strength: convenient driving, low parking pressure and carrying certain items, which is also the ability that the big car does not have in the city.

Hongguang MINI EV GAMEBOY version driving performance:

It is not difficult to imagine that an electric car with such a delicate figure must be as clever as a white rabbit. GAMEBOY's motor power has suddenly increased from the normal version of 20kW to 30kW, which makes it have a more enjoyable acceleration feeling. As for the chassis, the shock-absorbing texture is better than expected, but the lightweight body still inevitably bounces when it encounters a big ditch.

The transmission adopts a single-speed gearbox with fixed gear ratio. When you get on the bus, step on the brake and turn on the power, you can hang D to block it. The advantage of pure electric drive is quiet, brisk and smooth, which is very suitable for this kind of daily scooter.

There are three driving modes in the car: sports mode, normal mode and economy mode. It is suggested to use sports mode directly for daily transportation, so you can get the most enjoyable driving experience. Economy mode is more suitable for elders or novices who drive gently.

In sports mode, its speed-up is relatively powerful within 60km/h, and it will rush as soon as you step on it. When it is over 70km/h, you will obviously feel that the power is limited, and it is more laborious to get on the expressway, but the lane is its home.

In fact, the biggest pleasure of driving this car lies in its flexibility, which can exert super maneuverability in the traffic jam in the city. However, due to the narrow and high body, the roll is obvious when turning rapidly, which is not suitable for intense driving.

Because the width of the car body is not large and there is no partition in the middle of the sun floor, the left foot of the co-pilot can easily interfere with the switch pedal of the main driver, which still has certain hidden dangers in driving.

There is no change in the chassis. The front McPherson independent suspension and the rear three-link non-independent suspension are still used, so the suspension is simple in structure and low in cost, which can make more room for the car, and the brake system is the front disc and the rear drum.

It is quite surprising that this suspension can absorb vibration well when encountering potholes on the road, weaken the impact feeling of people on the car, and have a good shock-absorbing texture. However, when encountering a ditch such as a speed bump, the jump is still obvious.

Generally speaking, Hongguang MINI EV gives people a good driving experience, while the GAMEBOY version is more cheerful and has a longer cruising range after improving the motor power. It is a short-distance walking artifact.

Full text summary

Although Changan Lumin is a latecomer, it definitely has the confidence to share a piece of action with Hongguang MINIEV. After all, in addition to a more Q-cute appearance, it also has a smarter central control panel and security configuration, plus good power data and long cruising range. From the card face, Changan Lumin has indeed had the strength to challenge Hongguang MINIEV, and the most important thing is that all this is based on maintaining a similar price with Hongguang MINIEV.

However, Hongguang MINIEV is not a fuel-efficient lamp. It has accumulated a large number of users and a good reputation under the first-Mover advantage, and the starting price of the entry version is 32,800, which is more resistant than Lumin's 48,900. In addition, the launch of the GAMEBOY version will also allow consumers to play new moves through the LING LAB personalized customization platform.

At present, Lumin still needs to be tested by consumers in the early stage. If the market response is good in the future, it is just around the corner to shake the benchmark position of Hongguang MINIEV. How to choose these two models? I think everyone has their own answers.

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