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Benagli cubs 500 retro (Benagli cubs 500 retro)

Authors: Feng Zi, Ceng Lin.

Photo: Jindongli Editorial Department

Friends who watched the live broadcast of Power cool car a few days ago must remember that Qianjiang Benagli held a grand Taishan Summit in Tai 'an, Shandong Province, and the world premiere ceremony of the retro motorcycle-Leonchino 500, and announced the price. Standard version: 34,800 yuan, ABS version: 38,800 yuan.

After the press conference, we took the lead in "grabbing" the only cub 500 test drive in China, so all of us postponed the time to return to Beijing and took the time to evaluate this motorcycle.

The design inspiration of Young Lion 500 inherits the style of Young Lion 125 in 1956, and combines the design and manufacturing technology of modern motorcycles. However, the body is simple and smooth without too many complicated lines and decorations, and returns to the essence of motorcycles.

The crowning touch of cubs 500 is this little lion standing on the front fender. It is not only a symbol of Benagli cubs series, but also a sign that Benagli will embark on a new journey after entering China for 12 years.

There is a mystery in the retro round headlights, and it is necessary to manually turn on the arched daytime running lights. The LED far and near light replaces the halogen light source and echoes the LED taillights, which is satisfactory in both visual experience and lighting effect.

Wide handlebars and low sitting height can provide a very good sitting posture, and the height of the rider is not too high. Feng Zi's height of 1.81 meters can already land on both feet at the same time, and his legs can be slightly bent.

The handle of the handlebar is similar to that of the same class car, but on the Lion cub 500, I feel uncomfortable under certain conditions, which will be mentioned later. The clutch handle has a light grip, which can be praised by friends who ride in traffic jams. The adjustable front brake handle is also a considerate small configuration.

The anti-lock braking device version of the Young Lion 500 is designed with an independent switch at the base of the left rearview mirror. It seems that this car is not just elegant. Of course, this function may be more suitable for the "off-road version" that will not be listed in China in advance, with front and rear spokes and off-road tires.

Irregular LCD instruments have improved a lot of sense of science and technology, and the information display is also very comprehensive. White characters on a black background also look cool, and the night experience is good. However, in sunny days, all you can see is glistening, which will be inconvenient to read.

It seems that some square oil tanks don't attract my attention, but as one of the closest parts to me, it's hard for me not to look at its painting process, but fortunately it doesn't let me pick out any problems. The volume of the 12.7-liter fuel tank is not really large, but it is understandable if you realize that the cub 500 is more oriented to short-distance riding.

The comfort of the seat is good, although it is not wide, but after I rode for more than an hour, my ass didn't protest. Because the rear seat is designed with a short tail, the comfort of passengers will inevitably be affected. Then there is the styling. I think, since it is a model with historical inheritance, would it be better to have an embroidery mark or brand on the bare rear seat?

The higher configuration of the braking system seems to be a tradition in Benagli, and the Young Lion 500 is no exception. The front 320mm double brake disc is matched with the opposite 4-piston straight-bolt caliper, and the rear 260mm single brake disc is matched with the one-way double-piston straight-bolt caliper, which can provide good braking force, and the ABS system is equipped on the high-profile model we got. In our actual test, the ABS system carried by the Young Lion 500 is a bit lazy, and it actually appears to be locked, which makes us a little surprised.

In the previous article, it was mentioned that the handlebar will bring discomfort. In fact, this discomfort mainly comes from the shock absorption system of the cub 500. Of course, this is not to say that it is not good. In the evaluation process, we chose a variety of road conditions, such as track, highway and mountain road, and in order to investigate it more comprehensively, a section of cement pavement covered with mud and sand has also become its examination room, but the results tell us that the Young Lion 500 is more suitable for driving on the paved road, because its shock absorption is really too hard.

But unexpectedly, this retro car can be used in a small track with many bends. The lower center of gravity allows drivers to quickly shift their center of gravity, and Pirelli's "angel" tires also play a great role in quickly passing through corners. It really surprises me that you still have fun driving under the elegant appearance. The sports performance of the Lion cub 500 provides people with more fun driving and playability, so that you can play with control while playing a role. Even if you just ride in the city, you won't feel bored.

In terms of power, the Young Lion 500 is equipped with a water-cooled two-cylinder 8-valve engine designed with double overhead camshafts, with an actual displacement of 499.6 ml. The maximum output of this engine is 47 horses at 8500 rpm, and the maximum torque of 45 Nm can explode at 4500 rpm. The power output in each speed range is relatively balanced, and there is no feeling of low rotation fatigue or excessive power that is difficult to control. Although the weight of 196 kilograms is not light, abundant low twist will still bring me a light and smooth acceleration experience. Although I don't want to drive fiercely, I can feel that it contains sufficient power reserve. When you need it, the Young Lion 500 will bring you the acceleration pleasure you deserve at this displacement level.

There is no doubt that the integrated exhaust makes a pleasant and low sound, and the sound is still beautiful after the speed is raised, and it is accompanied by the explosion of "tempering" when collecting oil. It's just that the workmanship seems a little unreasonable.

The shift connection of the 6-speed gearbox is soft and has good tolerance. Even in the case of high gear and low speed, there is no obvious procrastination, and the body is not violently shaken. It gently reminds you to downshift, which is undoubtedly considerate for a slightly lazy rider like me. When you start to speed up in first gear, an initial good impression arises spontaneously, and people can't wait to learn more about it.

What can you see in the picture below? Color difference. Maybe it's the material of the fuel tank and the cover plate, but it's a little too obvious. In addition, there is a water tank filler. Close-up shows that there is only a simple rubber cover. It would be embarrassing to add some material if Xiong Haizi is unplugged. Finally, the whole process of the exhaust pipe, just praised its beautiful voice, but it will be a bit disappointing to see these.

Fortunately, this is an engineering prototype. Although there are still many problems to be adjusted, on the whole, we still get a lot of surprises. Now, dealers all over the world have begun to accept reservations and will deliver them to users in late June. I think two months should be enough to perfect these details. I hope manufacturers can pay attention to these problems and give customers satisfactory products.

Leonchino 500 parameter list:

Wheelbase: 1460

Ground clearance: 160

Curb quality: 196

Engine: parallel two-cylinder water-cooled engine.

Cylinder diameter× stroke: 69×66.8

Actual displacement: 499.6 ml

Compression ratio: 11.5∶1

Maximum horsepower: 47 horses /8500 rpm.

Maximum torque: 45nm/4500rpm.

Transmission system: 6-speed chain transmission.

Front brake: 320mm double brake discs with radial four-piston straight bolt calipers.

Rear brake: 260mm disc with one-way 2-piston straight bolt caliper.

Oil supply mode: EFI

Tank capacity: 12.7

Tyre size: 120/70ZR 17M/C front wheel and 160/60ZR 17M/C rear wheel.

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