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How to change sagitar ordinary seat to electric seat (feeling after sagitar seat is changed to electric seat)

There are too many cars with the same price as sagitar, such as Civic, Golf, Lingdu, Link 03, etc. sagitar is quite satisfactory, and the number of people who buy it is not as good as Civic Golf, but as a C-class car with less than 200,000, sagitar meets the requirements of many families to travel instead of walking. In the past few years, there were not many modified parts for sagitar in the market, and it took half a year to upgrade a set of appearance, but now there are many sagitar in the domestic market.

The sagitar below has upgraded the electric seat, Dana stereo, 275-degree-C host and rear ambient light. The upgrade on the interior can greatly improve the driving experience. Let's take a look at it.

Liking to modify is also an attitude towards life. It is not only a car that has been modified, but also an upgrade to the quality of life.

If you want to know about the modification cases of other models, or about the reliable local modification shops and accessories, please feel free to write to Xiaobian. I will share all kinds of modification cases and dry goods every day! I like this article and remember it at the end of the article.

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