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Mobile 100 megabit broadband tariff (how much is it for a year)

Traffic is an essential thing in our daily life. In the past, when we were away from home, we felt safe with paper money in our pockets. Now it's different, because many people no longer use cash paper money to pay, but use Alipay and WeChat to pay. We can go out without a wallet, but we must bring a mobile phone, which requires traffic to complete these operations.

Some users are very dependent on traffic, and they need a lot of traffic every month to get enough. Therefore, the monthly rent for calling cards is very expensive. Most users use 99 yuan 40GB unlimited package, which seems to have a lot of traffic, but the monthly rent is also very expensive. If you don't apply for broadband, there is absolutely no need to apply for such an expensive calling card, because after the traffic is used up, the speed limit will be very high, resulting in a very bad network speed.

Some users' 40GB traffic is not enough, but 80GB traffic is enough, because they often brush videos, watch TV and download things, which requires a lot of traffic, while many calling cards need more than 100 yuan monthly rent for handling 80GB traffic packages, which is not worth the loss and the experience is very bad. However, some users open many overlapping packages every month because of insufficient traffic, and the monthly fee eventually exceeds that of 100 yuan, which is also very not counted. Of course there is!

For example, this China mobile conscience calling card "Mobile Star Maple Card" has a monthly rent of only a small 19 yuan, which is less than 70 cents a day, but it has a lot of traffic, including 80GB of national traffic, so much traffic should be able to meet the needs of most users, even if it is heavily used. I also give away 100 minutes of voice calls, although it is not too much, but if it is used as a supplementary card, it is barely enough, because today's young people no longer like to use voice calls, preferring WeChat calls and video calls, but the voice fee is not expensive, it is 0.15 yuan/minute.

80GB is not all general traffic, including 50GB general traffic and 30GB directional traffic. Fortunately, directional traffic is very practical. It contains many commonly used software, such as mobile phone Baidu, Baidu map, good-looking video, iQiyi, Youku, Tencent video, Weibo, a certain sound, a certain hand, etc., and dozens of commonly used apps are included.

There is also a contract period. Many calling cards have a contract period, which is not a special case of China Mobile Xingfeng Card. The contract period of this package is 24 months, but the monthly rent for 12 months is 19 yuan, and the monthly rent for 12 to 24 months is 29 yuan. After 2 years, it will be restored to the original package of 29 yuan, including 20GB of general traffic and 100 minutes of calls. Even the original package is more cost-effective than the package used by many users today, because some users choose 19 yuan monthly rent.


This package of China Mobile has a high cost performance, not only the monthly rent is cheap, only 19 yuan, I believe it can be affordable every month, but also a lot of traffic, including 80GB traffic, only the preferential period is 2 years, which is also relatively short. Of course, everyone can use it as a secondary card, and the attribution is random, so it is not so suitable as a main card. However, on the whole, the monthly rent of this package is more beneficial to the people and much stronger than many calling cards. What do you think?

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