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Changan 75csplus price 2022 (Changan 75csplus price 2022 parameters)

Text: Understand the original Chen Xuming of Che Di

The third generation CS75 PLUS 1.5T autopilot putty

Changan's third-generation CS75 PLUS has been listed recently, and five models have been launched. The official guide price range is 124,900-149,900 yuan. Although it is named "Third-generation CS75 PLUS", the new car basically continues the design of the old models, and the changes are mainly in configuration. Recently, we photographed the third-generation CS75 PLUS real car at the dealer, and obtained the complete configuration information of the new car.

Among the household SUVs with similar price, the main competing models of Changan's third-generation CS75 PLUS include Haval H6, Geely Bo Yue L and so on.

In terms of design, the third generation CS75 PLUS fuel version basically continues the overall outline of the old models. The front of the car is arranged with a new style of V-shaped grille, and the air intake grille is actively opened and closed, with a horizontal through LED headlight group. The new car no longer uses eye-catching red decorative strips, but changes to relatively more restrained black decorative strips. At the same time, the third-generation CS75 PLUS comes standard with 19-inch multi-spoke aluminum alloy rims, which are similar in styling style to UNI-K and upgraded compared with the old models.

In terms of basic configuration, the third-generation CS75 PLUS provides six exterior paints, and also comes standard with rear parking radar, 360-degree panoramic image, openable panoramic sunroof, active closed air intake grille, LED headlight group, etc. The body has 4 cameras and 4 ultrasonic radars. High-equipped models provide electric tailgate, Bluetooth key of mobile phone, adaptive far and near light, and rearview mirror for reversing automatically.

The change of the interior is also mainly in the details. In addition to the black interior, the third-generation CS75 PLUS also provides quicksand white, mysterious red and ice crystal blue-white color matching interiors for users to choose, which adds a sense of freshness.

The dual screen layout consisting of 12.3-inch floating LCD instrument panel and 12.3-inch central control touch screen will continue to be used in the car. The reddish-brown decoration is unified in the lower half of the center console, the steering wheel, the door lining, the shift lever coating, the seat, etc., and the seat is also decorated with rhombic and perforated decoration.

The third generation CS75 PLUS also provides mobile App remote control of vehicles, wireless charging of mobile phones, air-conditioning plasma generator, front seat heating, intelligent far and near light system, intelligent driver assistance system, AEB-P intelligent emergency brake, W-HUD head-up display, gesture control, facial recognition and other configurations.

In the power part, the third generation CS75 PLUS continues to provide two sets of powertrains: 2.0T+8AT and 1.5T+8AT. Among them, the maximum power of the 2.0T engine is 171 kW, the maximum torque is 390 Nm, and the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is 7.9 liters per 100 kilometers under comprehensive working conditions; The maximum power of 1.5T engine is 138kW, the maximum torque is 300 Nm, and the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is 6.96 liters per 100km under comprehensive working conditions.

The whole vehicle is matched with the 8-speed automatic manual transmission from Aisin, with front-drive layout, supporting four driving modes, and the engine meets the national six B emission standards.

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