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Sagitar Forum car home Forum 1.6 Brush the water thermometer (1.6 How to brush the Sagitar water thermometer)

"On May 5, 2013, I brought my first car, Sagitar, and ordered 12 models of 1.6 manual comfort. It has been in operation for four and a half years, with a mileage of about 44,000 kilometers, mainly for commuting, with an average of about 20 kilometers per day. During the period, I changed a lot of small things, all of which were tossed by myself. Only I know the feelings. Seeing my car change little by little, I still have a sense of accomplishment, haha. "

"The deeper the trap, the more serious it is. Sagitar 1.6 is really a chicken rib, and its simple configuration is serious. The gateway is still PQ25 platform. There is no plan to replace the independent suspension with a plate suspension and add a metal lining plate or a broken shaft. There is no thermometer for instrument castration, and there is no multi-function steering wheel for hundreds of thousands of cars. The 1.6 power is 105 horsepower, which is weak in the same level. It is almost impossible to start with air conditioning in summer, and there are candle lights. You can't see it when driving at night.

In terms of appearance, the rear-view mirror shell with small front shovel and carbon fiber was modified.

For the tail, the smooth surface of the rear lip of GLI, the welded double-outlet tail throat, the top film, the tail wing and the tail lamp is light black.

The back of the wheel hub was painted black.

In terms of headlights, from the second generation of teary-eyed headlights in the initial light age to the current xenon lamp+Hanlei 5.5 million, these are carbon fiber stickers that were pasted by the net before the headlights were changed.

Some decorative modifications have been made in the interior. The bright one has a voltage above it and a thermometer below it. Also modified the navigation of the road.

Changed the blue needle instrument in large font.

Carbon fiber steering wheel cover and carbon fiber gear head.

The carbon fiber sticker he posted was repaired by the owner himself with a utility knife. It took a night, and the actual effect was quite satisfactory.

A carbon fiber air intake was modified. The owner said that the high speed was powerful after the modification, and the engine compartment was specially clarified for taking pictures.

"There is still a year and a half to squander, and the six-year inspection-free period will expire soon. There are still many things that have not been changed in GLI front bumper, wheel tires, exhaust and independent suspension, or they may stay here and record this wonderful moment."

This issue of Volkswagen sagitar modification case thanks to the owner: Kyushu.

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