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500g off-road price of Great Wall Tantok (300g off-road price of Great Wall Tantok)

There is no doubt that Great Wall Motor has become the most topical enterprise in the domestic camp in recent years, not only because they have played a new trick of "unprecedented" in the naming of models and brand marketing, but also because "holding key technologies in their own hands" is no longer an empty talk in terms of product strength. Take the tank that has become a brand-new sub-brand, the engine, chassis and many scientific and technological configurations of its tank 300 are all independently developed and have withstood the test of the market. With the help of this "combination boxing", Tank 300 abruptly boosted the monthly sales of the hard-core sport utility vehicle, which is regarded as a niche model, to 5000+, which was not achieved even by Toyota's overbearing and land patrol before. Therefore, with the successful experience of Tank 300, Great Wall Motor has no reason not to strike while the iron is hot. Then, after Tank 300, a brand-new hard-core off-road vehicle-Tank 500, which is called domestic "smooth road", came to us. Then, what is unique about this new car, what new technologies are equipped with, and can it become an explosion like the tank 300? With these questions, let's learn more about it today.

Compared with the previous tank 300, the positioning of the tank 500 is higher, and it provides two series of products, luxury and sports. Among them, the luxury version provides a two-color body, while the sports version has an external spare tire. The way is the same as that of Toyota Prado. The difference is that the appearance of the tank 500 is a bit of a domestic "land patrol" charm, especially in the front part. The tank 500 adopts a large-size hexagonal air intake grille, and different styles of grilles are provided according to different models. Together with the exquisite all-light-emitting diode headlights on both sides, the clamshell hood and the generous front bumper shape, it is very beautiful.

Coming to the side of the car body, the side shape of the tank 500 is very three-dimensional, and a large number of straight lines in the details outline a full sense of strength, and the shape of the front and rear wheel arches also adds some muscle to it. The design elements of luxury cars, such as two-color body, silver chrome-plated decoration on the edge of the window and multi-frame high-brightness wheels, have no sense of disharmony when placed on the hard-core sports utility vehicle Tank 500. "Being literate and able to fight" may be the most suitable word to describe it.

At the tail, the shape of the tank 500 is relatively simple, the taillights of the array are arranged vertically, and the LED light source is used inside without any accident, which has a good effect after lighting. At the same time, in the middle of the two taillights, the tank 500 also uses a wide chrome-plated decoration with the words Tan Ke, which is very delicate. As for the body size, the length, width and height of the tank 500 are 4,878 mm * 1,934 mm * 1,905 mm, and the wheelbase is 2,850 mm. The visual effect can be described as very burly and domineering. Then, in terms of internal driving space, can this big guy provide ample driving space experience?

Through practical experience, the tank 500 can not only provide ample front row space, but also the leg space in the back row is quite exaggerated. Adjust the front seat to the normal position, and there is nearly three punches left in the back row, and the top of the head has been depressed, so there is no sense of depression in riding. In addition, there is a more pleasing place, which is different from the general hard-core sports utility vehicles with "big drum bags" on the back floor. The back floor of the tank 500 is very flat, which shows that in the research and development stage, the Great Wall has carefully laid out the chassis layout, so even if the back row is full of three people, the middle passengers can ensure certain comfort.

In terms of practicality, the high probability is to give way to the ride space. The trunk of the tank 500 is made very small, and the depth in the five-seat state is even worse than that of the compact SUV, and the width is very limited. The performance of the seven-seat version is even more urgent, and only a few small objects can be placed, which is considered as giving up and getting something.

Of course, there are many bonus items for the tank 500, such as the cockpit part. The new car provides two different color schemes, black, brown and blue, which makes the overall sense of luxury full. The design is also eye-opening. The whole center console is very thick, and the T-shaped symmetrical structure gives people a sense of stability. In the middle part, a large floating LCD screen with considerable size is added, which is matched with a full LCD instrument panel, three sports steering wheels and electronic gear levers to create a strong scientific and technological atmosphere. The workmanship and materials also reflect a very high standard. A large number of soft materials and the use of wooden decorative boards set off a good sense of quality. In terms of configuration, the mainstream configurations such as car networking, face recognition, driver status monitoring, head-up display light function, streaming rearview mirror and intelligent driving are all absent, which has always been reassuring for domestic brand models.

Finally, in terms of power system, the tank 500 can also be described as full of attractions. It is the first vehicle equipped with a 3.0T engine and 9AT powertrain under Great Wall. The 3.0T engine is developed by Great Wall Motor with huge investment, and it has a series of black technologies, such as Miller cycle, dual VGT variable cross-section dual pressurization, dual injection, integrated water cooling, etc. The thermal efficiency reaches 38.5%, and the parameters of 260 kW maximum power and 500 N m peak torque are enough to reflect the "luxury" of V6, while the 9AT gearbox is also developed by Great Wall. In addition, a series of configurations such as part-time 4wd system, three differential locks, tank U-turn and creep mode are also standard on the tank 500, plus 29.6 approach angle, 24 departure angle, 22 passing angle and 800 mm wading depth, which can make it more comfortable in dealing with bad road conditions.

Full text summary: As another heavyweight product that Great Wall Motor will launch at the end of the year after Tank 300, Tank 500 has excellent off-road strength, but also takes into account a certain sense of luxury, which is unique among the previous hard-core sport utility vehicles. The power combination of 3.0T V6+9AT developed by Great Wall is also full of expectations, so from this point of view, this car of Great Wall has been a success. As for the final performance in sales, I think the final pricing has the most say.

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