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Do you have a blue price for the new Haojue motorcycle 125 (how many models of Haojue 125 blue motorcycle are there)?

On the first day of National Day, I wish you all a happy National Day! In this holiday with traffic jams everywhere, motorcycles are simply a sharp tool for travel. Have you ever gone out to ride a bike?

Yesterday, it was said that the official pricing of Haojue's new car had not yet come out, but the dealer reported the price first. Early this morning, Haojue officially announced the prices of XCR300 and AFR125.

I didn't expect the price of XCR300 to be exactly the same as the previous exposure. 27,980 yuan is really much more rational. Finally, it is no longer a high price and then the daily activities are reduced. It's just that XCR300 will join the price reduction activities in the coming holidays.

Strictly speaking, XCR300 is a slightly upgraded version of DR300, with sliding clutch, Nissin calipers, etc., and also has Pirelli Devil 3 tires equipped with leapfrog. It's just that this SOHC two-valve engine is really a bit behind the times, and how to choose the left and right double-outlet XCR300 and DR300 in the gigawatt era depends on which appearance you like.

There is a little difference between AFR125 and the previously exposed price of 10480 yuan, which may be due to the version configuration, and it is basically the same. Moreover, this price is quite close to the 10580 yuan of Jinan Suzuki UY125 Centennial Edition.

Obviously, the car AFR125 has to be compared with UY125, and surprisingly, it is a little more expensive than UY125. If the description below the price is added, if the retail store floats down to 100 yuan, it will be a completely consistent price.

In fact, if AFR125 and UY125 are regarded as sister models, is it easier to accept? The advantage of UY125 lies in the engine and Suzuki logo, and the advantage of AFR125 should be the slightly superior configuration and the work of Haojue.

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