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Great Wall Motor Sales in May 2022 (Great Wall Motor Sales in May 2022)

In the 2022 performance report, Great Wall Motor said: "Squat in 2022 is for a better take-off in 2023". Now, with the strong outbreak of the new energy sector, Great Wall Motor has also begun to take off.

On May 8, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. released the production and sales data for April 2023.

In April this year,

Great Wall Motor sold 93,107 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 73.14%;

New energy vehicles sold 14,863 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 284.06%; 21,814 vehicles were sold overseas, up 182.09% year-on-year, accounting for 23.43% of the sales volume.


Go all out to the new energy era. New technologies and products are intensively unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show.

In April, Great Wall Motor ushered in a new wave of products, with nearly 30 products and over 15 new energy vehicles landing heavily at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. A number of intelligent new energy products ushered in listing or debut, and the five major brands fully embraced the new energy era.

Haval brand

In April, 52,264 vehicles were sold, a year-on-year increase of 79.45%.

During the Shanghai Auto Show, Haval Xiaolong and Haval Xiaolong MAX, the first to take the intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology Hi4, appeared together and started the pre-sale.

Haval Xiaolong MAX will lead the whole people into the era of electric four-wheel drive with "the price of two-wheel drive and the experience of four-wheel drive". The 2023 Haval Red Rabbit went on the market and positioned itself as an "80,000-class high-energy SUV", which became the trend choice for young people in the new era.


2,375 vehicles were sold in April. Wei brand Lanshan DHT-PHEV has obtained more than 5,000 large orders since its listing on April 13th, and started delivery on April 25th, and achieved sales of 1,050 vehicles in April.

Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV is positioned as a "big six-seat comfortable electric SUV", relying on series-parallel DHT, leading space at the same level, comfort performance, L2+ intelligent driving and coffee intelligent cockpit to provide high-quality travel experience for the whole family. In the future, Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV will surely become the first choice for high-end big six-seat SUVs and "share good times" with more families.

Gaoshan DHT-PHEV, the first high-end MPV model of Wei brand, made its first show in the world, bringing more choices for home users in China.

In the future, Wei brand Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV and Alpine DHT-PHEV will form a six/seven-seat double flagship combination of high-end intelligent new energy, which will better interpret the brand positioning of Wei brand "0 anxiety intelligent electric".

Oula brand

In April, 8,901 vehicles were sold, up 188.24% year-on-year.

In the brand night of 2023, Euler announced to go to the brand 2.0 era, focusing on the four dimensions of brand, technology, service and users, releasing the four core values of warm technology, life aesthetics, OK service and O2 ecology, and fully implementing the "ALL IN" women's track.

During the Shanghai Auto Show, Euler once again made great efforts to bring new models: the first model equipped with the 1080 female safety architecture "warm technology"-the 2023 Euler ballet cat, with 22 new warm technology configurations, which comprehensively upgraded the female-friendly experience;

Young people's electric GT——2023 Euler Good Cat GT Mulan Edition has become a new choice for young people to play GT life and enjoy pure electric driving.

Tank brand

In April, it sold 10,916 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 79.98%. The tank 500 Hi4-T was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show and opened for pre-sale. The new car was positioned as a "medium and large luxury off-road new energy SUV", built on the off-road super hybrid architecture Hi4-T, and opened up a new sub-category track of "off-road+new energy".

The tank 400 Hi4-T also made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, and the hard-core mecha design will lead a new round of off-road trend.

Great wall pickup truck

In April, it sold 18,651 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 41.23%. Among them,

The Great Wall Gun sold 12,873 vehicles, up 26.79% year-on-year, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 32 months, ranking first in pickup truck sales.

From January to April, the domestic terminal market share of Great Wall pickup trucks exceeded 50%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one was Great Wall. During the Shanghai Auto Show, Great Wall pickup truck released China's first 6×6 super off-road platform, and brought the first 6×6 co-created model CYBERP! CKUP;

The PHEV/HEV model of Shanhai Artillery ushered in its debut, and the new car was built based on the Hi4-T off-road super hybrid architecture, leading the "4.0 Full Scene Intelligent New Energy Era" of China pickup truck. In April, 2023 passenger guns of "Global Intelligent Luxury Car Pickup" were upgraded and listed, with no increase in price, and continued to lead the global car pickup track with champion strength.

Continuously improve overseas layout, intelligent new energy products and accelerate going to sea.

Under the background of accelerating the transformation of new energy in the global automobile industry, Great Wall Motor has continuously improved its overseas layout and continuously brought the new travel experience of intelligent new energy to more global consumers.

On the first day of Shanghai Auto Show, Great Wall Motor's global dealer partner signing ceremony was held at GWM booth. Great Wall Motor established partnerships with dozens of new dealers from overseas, and the global sales network expanded rapidly. The next day, Great Wall Motor held the 2023 overseas dealer conference, which showed the global expansion of Great Wall Motor, the forest ecosystem and the strategic layout of new energy in the future.

The ASEAN market strategy continued to advance steadily. On April 11th, the global models of Great Wall Motor, Haval H6 HEV, Haval JOLION, Haval JOLION HEV and Great Wall Gun, were officially listed in the Philippines, opening a new era of China brand in the Philippines.

This year, Great Wall Motor will gradually enter the markets of Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam, bringing new travel experiences of intelligent new energy to local consumers.

Latin America has accelerated the improvement of sales network layout. In April, Great Wall Motor and its dealer partners jointly delivered new cars to the first batch of Haval H6 new energy owners in Brazil, and conducted in-depth exchanges with users around product technology, performance experience and user service.

In the first half of this year, Great Wall Motor plans to expand to a network of 50 dealers in Brazil, providing users with more choices of car purchase channels.

Learn about it and take it. Great Wall Motor is realizing the leap-forward development from quantity and quality on the intelligent new energy track. Great Wall Motor will adhere to the long-term development concept, deepen the layout of intelligent new energy fields, benefit more global users with intelligent new energy achievements, and make solid contributions to the automobile industry to a new height.

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