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Benagli 502c 2020 (Benagli 502C2020 price)

Benagli 502C is very similar to the super cruise motorcycle made in Bologna, Italy, and only one hour away from Benagli's factory in pesaro. This very standard Italian muscle cruise is affectionately called "domestic big devil" by domestic motorcycle friends.

Benagli intends to build such a powerful medium-sized Italian cruise motorcycle. It may not make you feel how powerful it is, but it has its own clear positioning, and the price of 39,800 yuan is worth the money.

If you like this muscular motorcycle, such as Diavel in Ducati, but don't have enough budget, then Benagli 502C will be very suitable for you, whether as a perfect substitute or 502C itself will satisfy your "devil's dream".

Riding quality

If you get used to the devil's 240mm wide rear tire, then look at the 502C's 160/70 x 17 rear tire, which seems particularly slim. It is this seemingly slim tire that performs better during riding.

You can cruise at a speed of 130km/h with 502C, and it is very easy. However, if you want to increase the speed, the engine will be a little stressed, and the wind resistance will become a big problem. Of course, you can install a windshield to solve it later. However, in any case, speed has not been what they are good at on large-displacement cruise models. Lighter control is more important for speed. The same is true for the grip of Pirelli Angel sports travel tires, especially in humid environment.

Its comfort is also surprisingly comfortable. The 502c disc-shaped seat cushion is low, and the leg space is definitely not a problem. Although it is the riding style of a cruise car, you can reach the wide handlebar by reaching out, and you can adjust the span of the brake lever, which further reduces the requirements for the height of the knight.


Benagli 502C adopts a 500cc displacement water-cooled twin-cylinder engine, which is used in TRK502 and Leoncino500, and is a very mature power platform. The maximum power is 35Kw, the maximum torque is 45Nm, and the burst speed of the maximum torque is 5000rpm, which is quite in line with the power characteristics of the cruise vehicle.

The exhaust pipe with single side and double output conforms to the consistent characteristics of Benagli, and the vibration suppression is not bad, and the throttle feedback is good. It is easy to control for inexperienced people. Although its maximum horsepower burst speed is as high as 8500rpm, I believe that few people will ride a cruise car as a street car or a sports car.

Quality and reliability

Benagli is now manufactured by Qianjiang Group, and then sold to all parts of the world. Although at the beginning of the integration, there were many problems in Benagli's models. After several years' efforts and the final entry of Geely Group, the overall manufacturing process has been greatly improved. Obviously, the previous stalks are out of date.


Benagli's first medium-sized cruise vehicle is equipped with many popular configurations, such as round LED lights, wavy brake discs, radial brake calipers and full-color TFT instruments.

To sum up, among the domestic motorcycles, the style of Benagli 502C is unique, which is different from the current American cruise on rotten streets. Although it is suspected of being used for reference, it is just a great boon for those who like the devil. It is not amazing in terms of power and riding experience, but it is worthy of the price of 39,800 yuan.

Specification parameter list

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