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New Price of Cool Road Ze 2023 (New Price of Land Cruiser 2023)

Xiaohua just got the latest data from the front. The 2023 Land Cruiser, which is popular all over the world, only sold 33 vehicles in October, and the cumulative sales from January to October was only 136, which is in sharp contrast with the overseas market in hot days! But in fact, this sales volume does not mean that this car is "cold", because it can still rank among the top few in terms of its current topic! So what's the problem? Is it really just the price?

In fact, Xiaohua also learned from the front that this new generation of land patrol has just obtained 3C certification and National 6 emission standard license, so even though the order volume of this car is large in the early stage, the terminal performance is sluggish, mainly because there is no National 6 license, and the process must be completed. Therefore, it is expected that there will be a small-scale outbreak in the next few months, which only represents the forecast of Xiaohua!

Secondly, it is the price that netizens are most concerned about. Indeed, the overseas version is only about 400,000 people, but it has changed in China. The lowest price of the beggar version is 1.2 million, while the most expensive version is 1.7 million. This price alone can dissuade more than 60% buyers, and of course, the remaining 40% will pay for this car. That's true feelings! But on the whole, it will not be accepted by most people! It is reasonable to see that Toyota's new Land Patrol LC300 is unsalable in China. After all, there are too many options of 1.7 million, and BBA has been replaced!

Of course, there is another important factor in the slow sales of the imported version, that is, the online FAW Toyota version of "Land Patrol" has started a road test. Although there is no official news yet, from the information exposed by netizens at present, the credibility is still very high, and the configuration is also ahead of the imported version, and the minimum price of the imported version is 1.2 million. So Xiaohua predicts that the future domestic version will still be lower than the imported version. In this way, it is

Combining the above three elements, we can make it clear that we sell 32 units a month! Of course, this is just the status quo. If the price is reduced in the future, just like the domestic version of Senna, then the sales volume will naturally come back, so Xiaohua is still optimistic about its future. After all, "feelings" can really be exchanged for money sometimes. What do you think?

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