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The latest news video of Toyota Tacoma 2020 (how much is the picture quotation of Toyota Tacoma)

What does it feel like for men to like cars? Just watching the car quietly is a kind of enjoyment. Perhaps such a car should be liked by real men. It is Tacoma from Toyota. Friends who like to play pickup trucks in China should know something about it, but there are very few Tacoma on the road. Why?

The 2020 Tacoma has updated many equipment, including the decoration of TRD Pro, which is perfect for people who are "face-value-controlled", eliminating the cumbersome steps of modification, and can basically be done in one step. The basic model adopts SR's new air intake grille, and the taillights have been redesigned, with halogen bulbs as standard, but Toyota gives consumers the opportunity to choose LED headlights.

Even better, consumers can also choose mobile phone interconnection systems such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa. At the same time, in the American version, Toyota's safety and driver assistance technology package is also a standard decoration in the whole department, including ACC adaptive cruise and lane departure warning, as well as several other safety assistance devices.

The newly upgraded air intake grille is the most obvious place. This air intake grille is SR5 version. In addition, there is a brand-new 16-inch rim and a darker taillight shell. Different from fabric decoration, this version of the car has a more advanced interior, and the central control screen has also been upgraded to 8.0 inches to support touch.

The TRD Sport version has increased the size of the air intake grille, and also changed into a more sporty 17-inch rim. The taillights are also decorated with chrome and a series of lighting options. LED fog lights are standard in this version, as well as LED taillights, headlights and LED ceiling lights are optional. In addition, the keyless entry function has been added to the passenger door, and 360-degree panoramic images are also optional.

The TRD off-road version is slightly different from the TRD Sport version. The former is more inclined to the off-road style, and the basic configuration is the same as that of the TRD Sport model, but the off-road capability is improved. In addition, a multi-terrain monitoring system is added, which can display the road conditions below the bottom of the car body. At the same time, there are rear axle differential lock, ramp start assist system, crawling control and various off-road modes, all of which are standard configurations of this car.

For many buyers who want to go off-road, TRD Pro is equipped with a lightweight 16-inch rim that is 2 kg lighter than the normal version, in addition to front and rear LED headlights and roof searchlights. At the same time, you can also get a 10-way electric adjustable main driver's seat, a standard 360-degree panoramic image system, TRD off-road multi-terrain monitoring system, a more powerful shock absorber and an openable skylight. Automatic transmission models have ramp assist system, which can be equipped with drive mode, creep control and advanced audio system.

Finally, let's talk about the top Tacoma, which is equipped with 18-inch rims, LED headlights and rear taillights. Although it has the same configuration as other models, panoramic images have become the standard configuration in this car. Seeing this, do you want to start with a Tacoma and live a nomadic life? Before that, please wipe your saliva.

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