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Choose a video demonstration for license plate 50 (choose a video demonstration for Nanyang for license plate 50)

I wrote it myself, and I chose my favorite number for the last time. I was super excited! These days, I have sorted out the experience and skills of choosing a license plate, and it is necessary to share the following points with you:

First, download the 12123 Traffic Management APP. You can choose the registered account by mobile phone or computer. My suggestion is to choose it on the computer. Because there is a simulated number selection on the computer, you can explore the process of selecting the number yourself first, so that your own thinking will be clearer and you won't panic when choosing the number.

Second, there are two ways to choose the license plate number.

1. You can choose online by yourself.

There are two ways to choose online, self-editing and random. A total of 20 numbers can be compiled by self-editing, and 5 numbers can be compiled at a time, and a total of four groups are submitted! You can write your favorite number in advance, and find a suitable number to write in the first seven days. For example, today's 8.29, then you need the number before 8.22.

Randomly select 5 times, with 10 numbers at a time, and a total of 50 numbers can be randomly selected.

2. You can choose from the vehicle management office.

If you don't have your favorite number, you will have the last chance to choose it at random at the vehicle management office again, and choose one out of 50.

Third, the selection of license plate number skills

1. The self-compiled number should be written in advance, so as to avoid repeated submission and waste of places. If you don't like to have four numbers, you can press excluding four.

2. It's best not to choose the straight number, 668899. At that time, my candidate straight numbers were robbed by others. I suggest that you can choose your memorable number, which will have a higher success rate. I just chose it with my birthday. I am so happy!

3, self-made numbers will give priority to the previous number, just like our college entrance examination volunteers, so you can put your favorite number in front, so the chance of selection is higher.

4, you can make up three groups and then switch to random, so you have more opportunities to choose more numbers.

5. There is no time limit for the self-made number. You can calmly select it and then press OK, while there is a time limit for randomness. Please pay attention.

Fourth, matters needing attention after selecting the number

(1), pay attention to the successful number selection, be sure to complete the card in 15 working days, overdue, the selected number is invalid, and you can't choose the number online for 2 years;

2. The license plate will be mailed to you and then installed.

I'm really happy to choose my favorite number. I chose my birthday, thinking that I couldn't choose it, because I made it to the last group and didn't win the first three groups. As a result, I chose it for the last time, which was super lucky. Haha!

The above is the little experience sharing of Jingpai Happy Sunshine. I hope everyone can successfully choose their favorite number!

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