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Configuration parameters of Toyota lc1004700 (Toyota lc100 4700 parameters)

There are such a group of people in China who are not afraid of super-high fuel consumption, the regulations of two or four inspections a year, and the trouble of repairing cars every three or five times, just to preserve the classic car in the off-road world-the land cruiser LC-80.

The land cruiser LC80 series was a legend at the end of last century. Although it is not as noble as the Land Rover Range Rover and has no long history as the jeep, it is the most popular model in many parts of the world. The main reason for this is that it has more reliable off-road performance than other models at the same time.

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this old partner. First, let's talk about the advantages:

1. Invincible body structure. Anyone who knows about cars should know that the performance of an off-road vehicle must be evaluated from the chassis. If you evaluate the off-road vehicle with good appearance, it would be amateurish. The axle, knife arm, connecting rod and even transmission shaft on the chassis of LC80 are too thick. Not to mention the independent girder in the car body, it is just like the girder of the truck. When walking on extremely bumpy roads, the torsion resistance of the car body is definitely much stronger than that of the load-bearing car body. Including when the editor saw the chassis of LC80 for the first time, he couldn't help saying "Holy shit" in his heart. It turned out that Japan didn't always take the "thin" route!

2. Reliability of the vehicle. Toyota's rubber parts and electrical components should be said to be the best in the same industry. This LC80 has been running for nearly 20 years, and the door strip is still soft and basically does not leak air. Various motors and sensors on the car body rarely need to be replaced. Even the master of the repair shop has been feeling: "Why don't you have to repair this 20-year-old car?"

3. Good comfort. Toyota has always been quite accomplished in comfort, and LC80 is no exception. It can be said that it is the best comfort in its generation. The suspension design of the front cast steel knife arm coil spring and the rear five-link coil spring makes LC80 drive steadily, which is quite a bit like sailing. Thanks to the larger body, the seating space in the car is also very spacious, and with the seat supported by the back, it's completely easy to drive for 1000 kilometers in a row.

4. Rich configuration. How many fuel tanks? How many spare tires? How many air conditioners? With or without a refrigerator? How many differential locks? With or without a winch? Only the LC series vehicles are classified according to this. VX-R is the top model of that year, with double fuel tanks, double spare tires, front and rear differential locks, winches, dual-zone air conditioners with refrigerators, full leather interiors, all-electric seats, nine-channel stereos, four-wheel brakes, part-time 4wd systems with axle clutches, and even clutches with booster pumps. I don't know what to modify in the future for this configuration, which is completely enough.

Having said so many advantages, of course, we should also talk about the disadvantages of LC80:

The first is the problem of fuel consumption. This LC80 uses a 4.5-liter inline 6-cylinder 1FZ-FE engine. Generally speaking, 15-18 is a relatively normal comprehensive fuel consumption. Although this fuel consumption is not excessive for such a bulky body, it is just that the power performance of the engine is a little sorry for his appetite. In Japan, someone changed the 4700V8 engine of LC100 to LC80, which saved 20% fuel and improved the power.

Secondly, the brake of LC80 is poor, because its brake disc is too small, and the factory changed it to 3 inches around 1993, so it can only be fitted with 16-inch wheels. If your LC80 can fit a 15-inch rim, it proves that it is an improved version.

Finally, the LC80 in mainland China is dominated by half-time four-wheel drive, but the front axle has no original Free Hub, and it is more troublesome to install it later, so it is neither fuel-efficient nor easy to break down.

Generally speaking, the LC80 is a very good car, and it is very enjoyable to drive the LC80 for a long-distance cruise. However, after the introduction of the yellow-label car policy, the travel range of his "old partner" has been limited.

Having said that, you may begin to fall in love with LC80 and off-road. At a certain age, you may choose such an off-road vehicle for a while.

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