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Quoted price of Toyota Darth Vader (quoted price of Toyota Darth Vader)

On March 4th, GAC Toyota Highlander dual-engine added new models-

The Knight Edition is officially listed, with a price of 331,800 yuan.

. As a new model, the new car has been upgraded mainly for its appearance, adding a cool black knight appearance kit.

At the same time, all models of Highlander have also ushered in the upgrade of the T-type intelligent cockpit Overflying-Top Attack, and 18 optimizations have been made to the existing car system.

New car introduction

As a new model, as the name implies, the appearance of the new car is treated with piano paint for the air intake grille, front and rear enclosures, luggage rack and wheel rim, and the headlights of LED are also blackened. The overall style has changed like a knight, which makes this home sports utility vehicle full of fighting spirit.

The interior has not changed much, and the overall color scheme is black. Bronze decoration has been added to the seats, central passage and steering wheel to enhance the texture.

In terms of configuration, the configuration of the dual-engine four-wheel drive Knight Edition is consistent with the four-wheel drive Premium Edition, equipped with a 12.3-inch central control screen, and supports functions such as Overflying-Top Attack upgrade, intelligent voice interaction and intelligent interconnection of T-links. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a test pilot intelligent driving assistance system.

The new car is still equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine and two front and rear motors. The maximum power of the 2.5L engine is 141 kW, the peak torque is 238 nm, the total power of the motor is 174kW, the total torque of the motor is 391Nm, and the comprehensive power of the system is 183 kW. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the National Economic Development Committee is 5.8L/100km, and the cruising range is over 1,000 km. The transmission system is matched with the electric continuously variable transmission gearbox.

Editor's comment: At present, the market of medium and large sport utility vehicles is also doomed, and the advantages of joint venture vehicles are gradually threatened by new cars. Toyota's Highlander Special Edition model is also hot. Compared with the current dual-engine top with four-wheel drive Extreme Edition, the Highlander Knight Edition released this time is slightly lower in configuration, and the starting price has also dropped to 331,800. Some gorgeous configurations have been cut off, and the entry threshold has been further lowered.

Wonderful content review:

GAC Toyota Highlander 2.0T has been listed for 314,800 times.

I'm a little bit of a thief. Test drive Highlander & Willanda.

Highlander 380 model is expected to be launched in September with 2.0T power.

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