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Blue car sport utility vehicle price list es5 picture (Weilai es5 car price and picture)

Since the beginning of this year, with the NT2.0 platform, Weilai seems to have never stopped in launching new models, and has successively launched three models: ES7, ET5 and ET7. On October 21st, we got the spy photos of the brand new model ES5 from the Internet. It is reported that the new car will compete with BMW X3 in the future, and the pricing may be more close to the people than ES6.

According to the exposure pictures, the new car has a rounded tail design as a whole, and it is also equipped with a penetrating LED taillight, which is similar to the ES7 and ET5 models as a whole. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with a roof spoiler, which enhances the layering and sportiness of the rear of the car.

In addition, from its side, the roof rack, door and window trims and other positions of the new car are blackened, and at the same time, the four wheel eyebrows are equipped with anti-friction trims, which is also a common design technique in Weilai. In other details, there are not many surprises in the rim design, but it is expected that the hidden door handle will not be absent in the new car. As for the lidar, it is believed that it will only appear in high-profile models.

Weilai ET5

As for the front face design, although it has not yet been officially exposed, it is not difficult to guess. Referring to the latest model design of Weilai, it is expected that a new closed grille design will be adopted, which is different from ES6 and ES8 models. In addition, according to the naming and positioning of the new car, it is expected that the new car will be positioned as a medium-sized SUV, but it will be slightly smaller than its own ES6, and the body length is expected to be about 4.7 meters. For reference, the length of ES6 is 4850mm, that of BMW X3 is 4737mm and that of iX3 is 4746 mm..

In terms of power, refer to ET5, which is also a platform of NT2.0. All the systems are equipped with driving motors with the maximum power of 490 HP, and 75/100/150kWh battery packs are available, corresponding to CLTC cruising ranges of 560km, 710km and 1000km. For reference, the current ES6 offers four endurance options: 455km, 465km, 600km and 610km.

In fact, as early as in Weilai's product plan, there was a story about the ES5 model, and some related information was also revealed. Among them, in terms of endurance performance, it is close to ET5 as a whole, and it is planned to be released around 2023. According to Weilai's consistent operation, I believe that the car will officially meet us at NIO DAY next year.

Interestingly, according to the plan, Weilai will also launch an MPV model named EF9 in 2023, and it is superior to Weilai's current models in terms of endurance performance. It seems that after launching a series of models, Weilai is finally moving towards the MPV market.

To put it bluntly, this is actually an SUV version of ET5. Although its positioning is lower than that of ES6, it is based on NT2.0 platform, and I believe it will not let us down in product performance. On the other hand, with the new platforms constantly introducing new models, and all of them are named after odd numbers, it is still doubtful whether the products based on the "old platform", such as ES6 and ES8, will be replaced by other new cars.

The editor said:

At present, Weilai is developing in a more people-friendly and younger direction in terms of products, which is actually a very smart approach. After all, it is more in line with the needs of young users and can better bring sales to itself. Then, from the perspective of new cars, the starting price of ES6 after subsidy is 374,660 yuan, and the starting price of BMW X3 is 396,900 yuan. So what range do you think the new car pricing will be? If it is less than 350,000 yuan, will it become a new explosion?

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