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What is the sales volume of Haojue dr300 (what is the current sales volume of Haojue dr300)

I am a title of generals in ancient times! Welcome attention!

The picture below shows the real car of Haojue DR300, which should be the final production version.

Recently, several big coffee makers in the motorcycle industry have released news on their own platforms that Haojue commissioned them to evaluate the DR300 real car, and revealed that the DR300 will be officially listed in mid-June. It has been three years since Haojue officially appeared at the Chongqing Mobo Fair in 2018.

The picture above shows the DR300 unveiled by Haojue at the Chongqing Mobo Fair in 2018, and then he disappeared. No one in the Jianghu knows the listing time, price, power and other parameters.

Until the middle of January, 2020, Haojue organized a small-scale media test drive meeting in the Beijing market, and announced the price at the meeting-34,580 yuan. It seems that the DR300 will finally be officially listed.

However, when everyone was full of enthusiasm, scrimped and saved RMB to prepare for the first large-displacement play model of domestic brand Daxie Haojue, the DR300 disappeared again.

All right! It may be the cause of the epidemic, which makes sense, but can't it be published online? Other domestic brands have released many new models online since the outbreak. Why can't Haojue?

A title of generals in ancient times speculated that Haojue, as a big sect in the Jianghu, may not be able to reflect its influence by online publishing alone. After all, it has been nearly two years since this car was unveiled in 2018. As the first large-displacement recreational motorcycle that Haojue spent a lot of effort on, Haojue's expectation is quite high, and it has already become a blockbuster if it doesn't sound. This is Haojue's expectation for the DR300. Therefore, from the release specifications, The influence of a few video hot stations in the district can't satisfy Haojue's appetite. Online and offline simultaneous release is the most ideal way for Haojue, and it may take a lot of time to improve the DR300 later, so it will be delayed until now.

Therefore, the release time of DR300 this time should not run, and then jump the ticket, many motorcycles will hang on from the faces of media people-all things have been agreed, and I have also made a real guarantee. If you jump the ticket again, it will be really difficult for me to do it.

Let's talk about pricing, I believe this is also the focus of many fans-34,580!

With a displacement of 300cc, the two-cylinder water-cooled engine is juxtaposed. Many people think that it is too big for Haojue to sell this price. After all, this displacement is awkward, the power is not much bigger than that of 250cc, but the price is not modest at all. The Wuji 500R is only 34,800, but others have a displacement of 500c, and the Benagli 302S with the same displacement is only 29,800. No matter how awesome you are, you can't buy imported big trade.

This is a title of generals in ancient times mansion analysis Haojue may have two considerations.

First, Haojue DR300 does not win by power and configuration. Haojue has a saying that hurts the hearts of other friends-it is not difficult to make a big row, but it is difficult to make a big row. What is a big row? Good looks, good riding and easy use are good rows. Quality control has always been the most important value of Haojue. It is normal for you to think that domestic cars are leaking oil and bolts, but Haojue doesn't think so. Quality control is tightly controlled. A title of generals in ancient times has contacted many users of Haojue, and it is basically a positive evaluation. This is not simple, so please bear with me if you sell more expensive cars. There is nothing you can do if you don't bear with me. You want to buy a car.

Second, Haojue doesn't want to repeat the routine of listing at a low price to gain market attention, and then increasing the price later. Haojue's strategy is to take value as the leading factor, and the purpose of developing and producing products is to obtain reasonable profits. Therefore, Haojue sets the price of DR300 at a reasonable profit-making range-34,580 yuan. Haojue doesn't want to enter the market at a low price at the beginning, and then slowly change its strategy to raise the price later. Haojue will not adopt this curve model, because he has brand appeal and quality control management ability that other domestic brands can't match.

What if the user doesn't buy it? It doesn't matter, DR300 sells at this price, even if it is untimely like DR160. As the domestic sales leader, you must have a gesture to distance yourself from other domestic brands-I am me, a different fireworks!

Because the focus of Haojue is still on domestic access models, the national sales champion for nearly 20 years in a row has made Haojue have this confidence-real gold is not afraid of fire, and value-oriented is the final trend of domestic motorcycle market consumption concept.

Ok, I'll leave the rest of the questions to you-34,580 Haojue DR300. Do you think it's worth it?

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