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Vehicle information officer (what does a vehicle information officer do)

Source: Guangxi Traffic Police Micro Release

Applying someone else's motor vehicle number plate not only harms the interests of others, but also seriously disrupts the normal traffic order, which is an illegal act severely cracked down by the state. Even so, some drivers and friends are still lucky and know the law.

On May 10th, the traffic police brigade of the Public Security Bureau of quanzhou county, Guilin conducted a precise strike on a deck vehicle.

At about 16 o'clock on May 10, the police of the traffic police brigade sub-control center of quanzhou county Public Security Bureau in Guilin found on the integrated command platform that a black Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicle with a hanging vehicle number plate of Guangdong ANPXXX was suspected of being a deck of cards and was driving on Guihuang Road in quanzhou county.

At 16: 50, the police in the sub-control center locked the track of the suspected vehicle and immediately informed the police on duty on the road to intercept it. In the end, the police on duty successfully seized the suspected vehicle in Hongfu Road, Quanzhou Town.

After verification, the car exists.

Use other motor vehicle number plates

Illegal behavior. Subsequently, the police brought the driver Tan back to the brigade for inquiry. Tan confessed to his illegal use of other motor vehicle number plates.

Tan confessed that this car belongs to someone else, and he didn't know the deck of the car. It may be that the owner installed other number plates on his car in order to avoid the capture of the electronic police, but it was still seized by the traffic police.

In the end, the Quanzhou traffic police detained the suspected vehicle according to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and made a decision on the vehicle driver Tan.

A fine of 2000 yuan and 12 points for driving license.

The punishment.

Traffic police tips

License plate is an important information carrier to identify the identity of a motor vehicle and its owner, and it is the premise of its legal road. Illegal vehicles involved in the license plate often drive illegally, which seriously endangers the safety of other vehicles and personnel. Once a traffic accident is caused, they will choose to escape by relying on the false information of the license plate and the difficulty of police verification. Some illegal vehicles involved in licensing may even involve public security or criminal cases.

According to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, anyone who uses the motor vehicle number plate of other vehicles shall be confiscated by the traffic management department of the public security organ, detained the motor vehicle, scored 12 points on the driver's license and fined 2000 yuan. _END_

Content source: Guilin traffic police

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