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The steering wheel of sagitar forum is stuck (what is the feeling of sagitar steering wheel stuck)

The car has a certain age. The first problem is the left rear door lock. The problem is that it needs to be pulled twice outside or inside to open the door. Later, it took nearly 100 yuan to buy a lock of a domestic brand, but there is a problem: this new lock can't completely lock the car. No matter how it is locked, it can be pulled twice inside to open the door. Now it doesn't matter. I will use it first. Later, the right back door also appeared, and sometimes I couldn't open the door after pulling it several times, so I tried to remove the door lock and repair it, and I omitted how to remove the door lock.

Can smoothly slide in the U-shaped opening without blocking.

U-port where the slider slides. After peeling, it feels smooth. Apply some good quality butter to the sliding contact and put it back in reverse order.

When putting it back, it should be noted that the blue dial of the electric box needs to be turned to the unlocking position, and the pull-out mechanism needs to be pulled when the electric and mechanical are combined, so that it is easy to put it on just like disassembly.

After this repair, the lock block is rejuvenated.

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