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Haojue 250 Prince Motorcycle goes on the market (Haojue 250 New Prince Motorcycle)

Haojue Suzuki 250 is coming out with a new model! However, it seems that it is still a new bottle of old wine, and there is not much change.

I am a knight to share. Haojue Suzuki 250, which has dominated the domestic 250 market for many years, is finally going to be new, because we can see them in the latest issue of the declaration list, but it seems to be old wine in new bottles, and there is not much change, but since it is new, it is also worth seeing.

At present, Haojue Suzuki motorcycles 250 has three models, namely, street car GW250, recreational vehicle DL250 and imitation racing GSX250R. These three models are outstanding in their respective fields. Of course, apart from their own advantages and characteristics, these three models are mainly related to their weak opponents.

It is also based on this reason, so the so-called optimization and upgrading of these three models in the past is more of an operation of changing patterns and matching colors, because you can't help it if people don't upgrade. Who told them that their quality is the same level ceiling? Therefore, in the new three years, the old three years and another three years, these models have not been upgraded drastically for a long time.

The models appearing in the declaration list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology this time are mainly two versions and three models of GSX250 and DL250. Among them, the GSX250R is changed to E, and the DL250 will have F besides E. This operation is in accordance with the conventional standards, which indicates that they are optimized compared with the previous generation models, so they can also be regarded as new models.

Appearance aspect

Judging from the declared pictures, their appearance is not much different, and they still follow the original design concept and style. It seems that there is no change in details, but more is the application of a new version of flowers and the change of color matching.

However, they have adopted a new color scheme, and it seems that they have not got rid of the original color system, or some common colors used by Suzuki models, so there is not much difference between the old and new versions of these three models in appearance and perception.

Power aspect

According to the declaration information, the actual displacement of the powertrain they use is 248cc, and the maximum power is 18.4KW, so the value is not different from the existing version, but it is uncertain whether the maximum torque has changed, because the declaration information only shows the maximum power, which will be determined after the production version is on the market.

Body aspect

In fact, the core data of the two versions and three models of the new 250 have not changed much. The body and wheelbase are exactly the same, but the weight of the new model has increased obviously. Among them, the GSX250E has reached 182kg, the DL250E has reached 209kg, and the DL250 has reached 192kg. This change may be caused by the increase of some configurations. Of course, it does not rule out that the previous model has a "lighter" performance, so it is still the case.

Configuration level

It is reasonable to say that there will be some changes in the new version, but unfortunately, there is not much configuration performance in the application information. It is really impossible to judge the configuration difference between the old and new versions with only one picture. However, according to the consistent operation of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles, it is unlikely to apply fashion configuration on a large scale, so the high probability is a small-scale change. (In front of the screen, what configuration do you want them to be integrated into? )

Through the above introduction, we can see that the new model of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles 250 is not much different from the existing version from the current information, so it is also based on facts that they are old wine in new bottles, but whether there will be changes in details needs the continuous attention of our friends, because there are too few points to share in the application information, so please look forward to the early listing of these models!

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