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Light truck quotation (China faw liberation light truck quotation)

[Original Truck House] The most worrying thing about running urban transportation is meeting traffic lights, traffic jams, stopping and stopping, requiring frequent gear changes, and driving all day is very tiring. Master Wang, a card friend from Xi 'an, is very troubled by this problem. Recently, he is going to replace his manual light truck and buy an automatic light truck to make his transportation easier.

What transportation scenarios is this car suitable for?

Let's take a look at Master Wang's daily operation:

[Transport goods: Lutong goods]

[Distance: intercity transportation+urban transportation]

[Road conditions: mainly urban roads and expressways, including some mountain roads]

[Operation mode: single person transportation]

Master Wang mainly transports fruits and vegetables to Xi 'an from counties and villages around Xi 'an, such as transporting tomatoes from Weinan Baishui to Xi 'an. Transporting apples from Yan 'an in northern Shaanxi to Xi 'an; Then it is sold directly in the market, which belongs to buying a car for personal use. The one-way trip is about 200km. The long-distance transportation is mainly based on high speed, but it also needs to run the city roads frequently.

Previously, Master Wang used a 3.0L engine, but now he buys a blue light truck, and he definitely chooses a compliant 2.5L version. However, because Master Wang mainly transports Lutong goods, the quality is relatively heavy, and Master Wang is also worried about whether the 2.5L engine can meet the daily needs.

In addition, considering that his transportation conditions are complicated, Master Wang needs to take mountain roads and fields in addition to high-speed and urban roads, so he wants to choose a model equipped with an 8-speed AMT gearbox, and the overall budget is about 130,000.

Master Wang runs and transports alone every day, sometimes he needs to wait for work in the market in the middle of the night, and daily transportation needs to be equipped with scales and tarpaulins, so he prefers to choose a half-cab.

According to Master Wang's needs, we recommended a new commander of Sinotruk Haowo for him, equipped with an 8-speed AMT gearbox, with a chassis price of 118,800 yuan and a high hurdle vehicle price of 8,500 yuan. So, can this car meet the needs of card friends? Let's look at it in detail.

The chassis configuration of the first 8-speed AMT light truck goes against the sky!

In terms of power, this new commander-in-chief of Haowo adopts the unique stepless S power chain of heavy duty truck, and the Weichai engine is matched with the seventh-generation S-AMT16 gearbox and Hande axle independently developed by heavy duty truck, with a very high overall matching degree.

The real shot of this car is equipped with Weichai WP2.5NQ160E61 engine, with an in-line four-cylinder design, the displacement is 2.49L, the maximum output power is 118kW, and the maximum output is 160hp. At 1400-2200rpm, the peak torque can be 450N.m, which meets the national six emission standards, and the B10 service life reaches 800,000 kilometers, providing reliable attendance guarantee for card friends.

Many light truck users who often run in mountainous areas will have certain power anxiety, and the eighth gear box can better improve the power output performance of vehicles in mountainous road conditions than the fifth gear box and the sixth gear box, while the heavy truck light truck has always been "daring to be the first".

The real shot of this car is equipped with the eight-speed AMT gearbox of China Heavy Duty Truck HW51508ACL, and it is also the first light truck model equipped with the eight-speed AMT gearbox. The seventh generation S-AMT16 automatic manual worry-free transmission of heavy duty truck adopts the structure design of double countershaft synchronizer, and the transmission efficiency reaches 99.8%.

The 8th gear box has a wider speed ratio range, which makes it easier to start and accelerate even under heavy load, and has higher fuel economy. It can meet the needs of card friends who have higher requirements for power and pursue driving comfort. Like Master Wang, they have to run mountain roads and highways and deal with stop-and-go conditions in cities. The 8-speed AMT gearbox can meet various needs.

In terms of chassis, this commander uses a 2-ton front axle and a Hande 4.5-ton rear axle, and the rear axle has reached a 100,000-kilometer long oil change cycle. In the whole life cycle of the vehicle, it can reduce the number of stops and maintenance, and reduce the maintenance cost. Drum braking is used in front and rear, and the rear axle speed ratio is 4.875, which matches the "front 3 rear 5+3" steel plate suspension, and it is equipped with front and rear axle wear alarm devices.

The overall layout of the chassis is very compact. The fuel tank and urea tank are integrated and highly integrated, and the light PU material is adopted, which can reduce the dead weight of the fuel tank and save the chassis space. The volume of fuel tank reaches 120L and the volume of urea tank reaches 25L, which can provide the whole vehicle with cruising range of more than 800 kilometers, so it is no problem to run long-distance intercity transportation.

The design is avant-garde, and the camera hole is reserved.

In the light truck market, Sinotruk Haowo light truck is relatively quick to update, and its design is often new. Younger is its main label, which is also in line with the current situation of the transportation industry. More and more young drivers are on the job. Compared with the old drivers, they are more pursuing "personality" for the design.

The new commander-in-chief of Howe adopts the classic technical gray metallic paint of Sinotruk, and this color matching design is also a major feature of Sinotruk Howe light truck. The new commander-in-chief has added a black sun visor at the top, which is less configured in light truck models, so that it can avoid the sun from affecting the driver's sight when driving in the sunshine and improve driving safety.

The shape of the net is also different from the previous version. The new technology starry sky masks are arranged in a staggered way, which looks very designed and exquisite. Moreover, the classic three-cornered logo of the Central Heavy Duty Truck has optional luminous design, which makes it more recognizable at night.

The rearview mirror adopts a new generation of low wind resistance rearview mirror. Although it looks like a split design, it adopts a low wind resistance design as a whole, and adds a shell of the same color as the car paint, which stands out among a number of light truck rearview mirrors with simple design. But also has rich functions, and the four mirrors all support independent electric adjustment and electric heating functions.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the camera mounting hole is reserved under the rearview mirror frame, so it can be inferred that this car will be equipped with a camera in the future, reaching 360-degree viewing or blind area auxiliary monitoring, which is very forward-looking. In fact, it is not only this, but the whole car has reached the configuration of high-end light trucks.

The lamp group adopts three-dimensional combined design, and the upper part is divided into far and near light, turn signal and LED daytime running light. The far and near light is halogen light source, and the fog light is arranged at the bottom separately.

The real shot of this new commander-in-chief of Howe has a wheelbase of 3280mm, and adopts a semi-cab. The internal dimensions of the cargo compartment are 3850x2100x400mm, the total announced weight of the whole vehicle is 4495kg, the curb weight is 2720kg, and the rated load mass reaches 1580kg.

The cab is equipped with rich rows of semi-variable big sleepers.

Entering the cab of the new commander-in-chief, you will find that the overall design style and configuration are surprising. The seat is made of high PVC woven fabric, and the color matching looks very bright. The space of three seats is very abundant. The main driver has a single armrest, and with the AMT gearbox, the card friends can better liberate their left feet and right hands, and the fatigue of driving for a long time is greatly reduced.

Throughout the front console, there is actually a dial, and the front desk of the co-pilot is designed with a wood grain decorative board, which is very textured. The combination of dial and wood grain board is mainly found in high-end passenger cars such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi, and it appears on light truck models, which also has a special flavor.

In the process of driving, the owner often calls for a reminder, but when he runs to the city, once he is photographed or investigated by the traffic police, he will face a penalty. In order to solve this problem, the new commander-in-chief adopts a multi-function steering wheel, and the Bluetooth phone and cruise control are integrated on the left side, and the multimedia control system is integrated on the right side, so that the operation can be completed without leaving the steering wheel.

The shift mechanism of this S-AMT manual-automatic worry-free transmission for heavy duty truck is designed between the main driver and the auxiliary driver. The manual mode is just like the conventional manual shift, which is convenient for cardholders who are used to driving manual shift models to get started quickly. It also has an E/P economic power mode, and C is a climbing mode, in which the C mode also includes high idle start, medium idle start and creep mode, which is suitable for a variety of transportation conditions.

It is often necessary to go to unfamiliar places for transportation in the city. In addition, many card friends use the platform to receive goods, so it is essential to use mobile navigation to find goods. However, various problems often occur in the process of using the mobile phone bracket, such as unstable fixation and easy to fall off when braking suddenly. The new commander-in-chief has his own mobile phone bracket, which can adjust the angle in many directions. This detail design is really practical.

The center console is biased towards the driver's side. Different from the conventional center console design, the multimedia part of the new commander-in-chief adopts a floating design, and also provides a floating multimedia large screen to choose from. In addition, an electronic handbrake is also optional.

The real shot of this car uses a half-cab, and the size of the separate sleeper is relatively cramped, but! The car comes with a small sleeper. After the front seat of the cab is put down, it can be turned into a big sleeper, not to mention that the driver can rest alone, even a coupe can rest together.

● Editor's note:

The 160 HP engine is equipped with an 8-speed AMT gearbox, which is the first in the current light truck market, while other interiors and exterior designs are also excellent, and it can be called a high-end heavy truck. I have to sigh, Sinotruk still knows exactly what light truck users need, and it will always surprise us in product configuration.

Of course, the configuration and price are equal. At present, the price of the compliant 4 m2 light truck is mostly below 100,000 yuan. The new commander is equipped with an 8-speed AMT gearbox, and all kinds of configurations are almost full. The real car is quoted at 127,300 yuan, which will lead to greater competitive pressure in terms of price. Then the question is coming, will everyone pay for it? Welcome to comment.

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