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Is there a rollover when buying Swift's used car (is Swift's used car worth buying)?

At present, the first batch of users who bought electric cars have reached the cycle of changing cars. When they sell their cars to the outside world, they find out.

The preservation rate of electric vehicles is extremely low, even less than half that of fuel vehicles of the same year/price.

Some users confided to the "High-Tech Car Review" that they spent 140,000 yuan to buy a BYD Qin plug-in hybrid version two years ago, and now the price given to him in the used car market is only over 70,000 yuan, which is too direct compared with the fuel money usually burned by fuel vehicles.

In order to help more friends understand the value preservation of electric vehicles in the used car market, today we are going to take a look at Taoyuan used car center, the largest used car market in Shenzhen.

First of all, Taoyuan used car market refers to a whole area located near Nanshan District, Longzhu Street and Taoyuan Village in Shenzhen.

Here, thousands of used car shops are densely distributed, showing two trends in general.

The first one is a relatively advanced second-hand car trading platform with Taoyuan used car and Yitong used car as the mainstay. The store rent here is relatively expensive, and the used cars bought and sold are relatively high-end. Most of them are more than 200,000 models, including BBA series, and many luxury cars, such as Porsche Paramera and Maserati.

In addition to these tall places, the rest is the second-hand car trading market, which is mainly based on Dragon Ball Yard and Sunshine Yard, and the price is relatively cheap.

Compared with the previous ones, this place is relatively simple. The trading place is under the tin house, but you can find very cheap cars here.

For example, Honda Fit, Honda Fengfan, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Converse and so on.

In addition, the used car market in Taoyuan Village is surrounded by vehicle management offices, car repair, car washing and other businesses, which can be called everything. Therefore, when you come to Shenzhen and want to buy or sell a used car, you can solve the problem by coming here.

But in such a big used car market, there are very few electric cars that can be found.

First of all, I went to a slightly high-end place, a used car market, Taoyuan used car market, and visited the whole parking lot, but I didn't see an electric car sold to the outside world.

There is absolutely no exaggeration here. There is really no electric used car. Originally thought, there should be something like Tesla, or Weilai ES8. It's really no good. You can have a BYD, but in fact there is none.

In addition to these high-end, go to the lower-end market. over here

Can find some very cheap pure electric used cars, including Zotye ES200, Geely Zhidou, Chery EQ1 Little Ant, Changan Benben, these A0 and A00 models.

However, compared with the volume of fuel vehicles, electric vehicles here definitely account for less than one tenth.

Among them, there is a Zotye ES200, 2018Pro version that is now on sale. The NEDC has a battery life of 310 kilometers, a maximum power of 60KW and a maximum torque of 180 Nm.

At that time, the price of this car in the market after the new car discount was 69,900, and it should be about 73,000 after getting the card.

The owner of the car was licensed in 2018, and opened 10,000 kilometers, which is almost a quasi-new car. Now the price of selling out is about 35,000, and the rate of preservation is only 52.05%.

In one year, the rate of preservation was cut in half, and it was almost unbearable to look directly at it.

The selling price is 35,000, so what is the car collection price? It is conceivable that it may not reach 30,000. This is my wild guess, and people will certainly not tell me.

At that time, if you bought a Swift for 70,000 yuan, the market price is still around 60,000 yuan. Calculated, this year directly lost 25,000 RMB. Do you think it's a loss?

In addition to these cheaper cars, there are slightly higher-end cars. For example, BYD, Roewe and so on.

But the used car dealers here say that they

Plug-in only hybrid version

. In their shop, it's

There are Song DM, Qin DM and Tang DM versions, and Roewe's new energy models are only Roewe EI6.


One of them is a plug-in hybrid version of 17 BYD Qin PRO models, which originally cost about 150,000 yuan.

The former owner was the card at the end of 2017. Now it has been in operation for a year and a half, and it has traveled 13,000 kilometers. The price of the used car given by the car dealer is about 85,000, and the preservation rate is only 55.5%. It is estimated that the actual car collection price may be only about 76,000.

In less than two years, the price was almost halved.

In exchange for 16 Honda Civic, it was licensed in April 2017, driving 36,000 kilometers, and the original car was 160,000. At present, the price of the used car market can reach about 130,000.

In the same two years, the electric car owner directly lost 55,000 RMB. Is there any blood in his heart?

In addition to these actual situations that I visited myself, a friend who is a used car told me a set of data:

In February 2019, the trading volume of the national passenger car used car market was 1,187,700, of which only 1,921 were electric used cars, accounting for only 0.16%. That is to say, 2,000 fuel vehicles were sold, of which only 3 were electric vehicles.

From a comprehensive analysis, the current trading volume of electric vehicles in the used car market is very small, mainly for four reasons:

  1. The market base of electric vehicles is small.

  2. The demand for second-hand electric vehicles is small, and car dealers dare not accept it.

  3. It is difficult to identify, it is difficult for car dealers to evaluate the residual value, and it is impossible to give after-sales guarantee.

  4. Electric used cars can't enjoy new car service. For example, install charging piles at home for free, and so on.

The market base is small, so there is no need to talk about this.

The lack of market is the main reason for the low rate of preservation. Some time ago, I saw CCTV financial report that the main reason for restricting the circulation of used cars is testing technology and industry standards. However, according to my actual visit, the main reason is that there is no demand and no market.

At present, users who buy pure electric vehicles are mainly forced to choose. Except Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities with limited licenses. The penetration rate of electric vehicles in other cities is very low, especially in some third-and fourth-tier cities, and no one recognizes electric vehicles at all.

That only relies on the markets of several big cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen, which is very small compared with the national fuel vehicle market.

Under the premise of small market demand, it is difficult to buy and sell pure electric used cars in a stable and reliable trading cycle.

Merchants say that if you are a used car, you can make money by circulation. Sometimes I take back an electric car and put it in the store for a long time without selling it, but the rent completely eats up the profit.

Therefore, some second-hand car dealers who do small business simply don't touch these models, and some others who have the courage will choose plug-in hybrid models to try water, because plug-in hybrid models have a set of fuel engines to protect them.

My friend told me that he also received several BYD electric cars in the early years, and he also made money, but all of them were posted by the later ones.

Finally, there is a BYD Tang left, which can't be sold, so I really have no choice but to drive it myself. At the beginning, it was quite fresh. The car accelerated really fast, but the power in the latter part of the acceleration was just so-so. The worst thing was the chassis adjustment. Compared with the fuel car, the BYD Tang, which was plug-in and hybrid, was a rubbish running on the mountain road. Although the shock absorber was hard, the lateral support of the car body felt inadequate, especially when cornering, it always felt like it was going to roll over, so it could only be driven with brakes.

In addition to this, the fuel consumption of PHEV cars is also very high. If there is no electricity, it is equivalent to the whole vehicle dragging a battery pack and a motor system, which will always consume energy. Can the fuel consumption be low? In the end, I couldn't drive any longer, so I sold the car at a premium, and I don't want to touch these cars until now.

The second is that electric second-hand cars are not easy to evaluate. Fuel vehicles have a complete evaluation system, the most important of which are engines and gearbox. You can also read the odometer to check the appearance of the engine, whether it has been overhauled or not, and you can also check the records of 4S shops, whether the gearbox has leaked oil and so on.

Therefore, you can still get a very comprehensive after-sales commitment for the fuel vehicles purchased on the second-hand car platform or the second-hand car dealers.

But the electric car is different. The most important thing of the electric car is the three-electric system, in which the battery accounts for 70% to 80% of the price of the whole car. No one has a suitable method to evaluate the battery pack.

First, battery decay is not necessarily positively related to mileage, and almost all used car cruising range has a serious false standard.

At present, some used car dealers can only go to 4S shops to read the relevant OBD data, but there is a very troublesome process.

Then, how can I promise if the user buys my car? You can't say that you drive for a year or how many tens of thousands of kilometers, and the battery life is less. Come back to me. That's not arguing with people every day, you have to stick yourself to death.

Finally, buying a pure electric used car can't be enjoyed like a new car, and there are preferential policies such as installing charging equipment at home.

Now manufacturers have the service of selling cars to send charging piles, and they can also install them at home for free, and they also send some cables and so on.

But electric used cars are different. Basically, there is only a 220V home charging cable carried by the original car, but the charging is too slow. If you want to install a charging pile in your own parking space, you need to buy a charging pile separately, ask the master to come over, and you need manual fees. Together, this price is not cheap.

Well, that's all for the observation report on electric vehicles in the used car market.

Finally, the "High-Tech Car Review" believes that with the increase in the number of electric vehicles, the maturity of electric vehicle technology and the maturity of battery recycling technology, the second-hand electric vehicle market can form a stable trading cycle, and then the new electric vehicle preservation rate can be improved. Although it is not as good as fuel vehicles, it is at least an acceptable range.

At present, for users who have the conditions to choose a fuel car, don't buy an electric car. Not only will they have to bear the anxiety caused by battery life, but when they are sold again, you will find that these real economic losses caused by the depreciation of electric cars are much more than the little fuel money on the same price fuel car in the same period. At that time, you can only secretly wipe your tears!

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