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Benagli Xiaoxunlong sits high (Benagli Xiaoxunlong sits high and cannot be adjusted-)

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It's been three months since I bought a car on July 1,

3000 kilometers

Mileage, briefly talk about some driving feelings and shortcomings during this period, and hope that you will criticize and correct me!

Vehicle type characteristics

The new car will catch up with 7.1 duty-free! Our city motorcycle needs a licensing plan, and it took a total of money to land.


The overall feeling is still good!

Benagli's little Xunlong 150 is considered in the same class.

Upper middle level

! Considering the practical value, although this car can't compare with R15 and GPR150, it is absolutely close to the people in terms of price! Naked car 11950, there is still room for bargaining. Normally, 11500 can be obtained, and 150 displacement is tax-free. Compared with Geek Sa 155 and Haojue DR160, it is much better, and the spring breeze of 150 nanograms is also good, but at present, the spring breeze brand is not lightly sprayed by Keyboard Man, which misleads many novices, so this little velociraptor is worth recommending!

Although this car is not equipped with ABS, it is.

CBS Front-Rear Linkage Brake System

It can also be regarded as taking care of novices. At present, only the 150-displacement streetcar seems to be equipped with anti-lock braking system only in the Spring Breeze 150 Fun Edition, so each has its own needs!

This car is equipped with an international 6-speed configuration, equipped with an LCD instrument panel and gear display. The power output of 7000-9000 is strong, the oil is automatically cut off at ten thousand revolutions, and the speed indicator is about 120. The measured global (satellite) positioning system speed should be around 110, with a joy value of 10%.

Manipulation feels very good.

! Comprehensive fuel consumption, control, price and quality control, this car is absolutely good in the same car! Unlike the 150 car series, the model is bigger and completely different from the picture! After changing the 140 rear tires, it obviously feels like a 250 car!

Participating in club activities, my displacement is the smallest, haha, but the appearance looks not bad, and the front of that snake face is Xiao Xunlong.

Vehicle configuration

The water cooling and heat dissipation of this car, the configuration of three spark plugs, the CBS front-rear linkage braking system and the frame control of the double-wing beam are absolutely possible. 780 high, I am 170 tall, easy to control!

Above 180 is not recommended, like riding a dog.

. Although the LED headlights are not very bright, haha, the overall evaluation is good! Other detailed configurations on official website are more accurate! Novices will definitely study configuration, so I won't introduce them one by one!

Fuel consumption and power performance

In terms of fuel consumption, Xiao Xunlong has performed very well. The 10-liter fuel tank is not large. The fuel gauge shows that it is necessary to refuel when the last two boxes are almost lit. A box of oil is normally 45-50 yuan, 95 # gasoline! Can run about 350-380 kilometers,

The fuel consumption can be controlled at about 2.

, the average is 0.15 yuan/km! Every time you refuel, you will record the fuel consumption of the bear.

The power of the little velociraptor is still good! Normal start in 2nd gear, shift around 4000-5000 rpm. Of course, the procedure of shifting gears is not rigid, and we can refer to the engine's sound, vibration, speed, speed and other factors.

The top speed of the fifth gear is about 100km/h, and the top speed of the sixth gear is about 120 km/h.

This data is not bad among 150 cars! Of course, you still have to control your right hand when driving normally! ! !

Speed and handling feel good! After all, it's a streetcar, so riding for a long time is definitely uncomfortable! As for the stuck eggs, it varies from person to person ~

About modification


Added two side boxes.

, the price is around 700, Wan Li Hao, driving does not affect the feeling of control. There is no problem with people in the back seat! At present, the tire has not been changed, and it is still the original tire. Many riders suggest changing it to semi-hot melt. In fact, it is unnecessary. Control the speed and commute normally without playing stunts. This tire is enough!

It is not recommended to change the exhaust.

! ! ! Mobile phone bracket, anti-fall bar, tailstock, side box, rear seat bag, foot brake pedal, side support pedal, stickers, horn guard, spotlight, USB fast charge, fuel tank bag, tires can be changed later, Pirelli semi-hot melt one set is estimated at 1,000 yuan, and so on ...

Haha, the modification is a pit! The car landed 1.3W,

Overall, the equipment has been modified and added for more than 2W.

Depending on my personal hobby, I originally wanted to buy ADV. For various reasons, I still love three boxes of cars.

Equipment is Weimaitong V8 helmet headphones, coyote A8 recorder, cycling clothes, helmet, protective gear, etc ... all of which are money.


Benagli Xiaoxunlong BN150s

Give a score:

Operation and control: ★★★★★

Oil consumption: ★★★★★

Ratio of sex to price: ★★★★★★★

Riding feeling: ★★★★★

Modification space: ★★★★★★★

Yan value: ★★★★★

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