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Smurfs Electric Vehicle (Yadea Smurfs Electric Vehicle)

As far as the eye can see, the long version of Fuxing, the Fuxing that can run on the ordinary-speed railway ...

On December 24th, the China Railway Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition opened in Beijing National Railway Test Center. A large number of advanced railway technology and equipment independently developed by China were exhibited, and many "new members" of Fuxing family made their first public appearance.

The Red Star journalist learned that two members-the 160-kilometer-per-hour power centralized Fuxing EMU, known as the Hulk, and the CR300BF Fuxing EMU, which has a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, have been tested on the railway line in Chengdu.

Motor train capable of replacing ordinary speed train

Experiment of CR200J EMU with 160km/h in Chengdu-Chongqing

The CR200J Fuxing power centralized emu, also known as the "Hulk", debuted at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

Combining some advantages of traditional ordinary speed trains and new high-speed trains, CR200J EMU is an extension of high-speed rail technology and a new generation of quasi-high-speed locomotives. It adopts a streamlined shape, and its internal service facilities and equipment are basically the same as those of the existing EMU. CR200J EMU is designed to replace the existing ordinary speed trains, which can be applied to all ordinary speed electrified railways, and its power is concentrated at the train head or at the front and rear ends of the train. In order to reflect the inheritance of ordinary speed trains, the body background color adopts the color scheme of Sophora japonica green, and the ribbon also inherits the yellow ribbon.

The Red Star journalist learned that the EMU has two models: short marshalling and long marshalling, in which the short marshalling consists of 9 cars with a capacity of 720 people, and the long marshalling consists of 11 to 20 cars with a maximum capacity of 1,102 people. Compared with the traditional locomotive traction bus, the driver of this vehicle is more convenient and quick to operate, the passengers are safer and more comfortable to ride, the transportation organization is more efficient, the existing maintenance resources can be fully utilized, and the basic investment and equipment maintenance cost can be reduced.

On September 21st this year, the first CR200J EMU with a long marshalling speed of 160km/h was put into operation in Chengdu, and scientific research experiments on dynamics, dynamic intensity, noise inside and outside the vehicle and pantograph-catenary current collection are being completed in chengdu-chongqing railway, chengdu-kunming railway and other line sections.

"sea blue" color CR300BF

250 kilometers per hour in Chengdu-Guiyang high-speed rail test

Among the "new members" who appeared this time, a light blue Fuxing train was particularly conspicuous, and it was called "Smurfs" because of its "blue sea and sky" color.

According to reports, this CR300BF Fuxing EMU with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour can be applied to operating lines with different infrastructures and different passenger flows, and meet various transportation service needs with the advantages of low energy consumption and high cost performance.

In order to make the appearance of various trains of Fuxing family relevant, this train inherits the appearance of the original "Feilong Jinfeng" of Fuxing in appearance, and can be distinguished from the trains with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour by using the blue background. Due to the cancellation of business seats, the total capacity has reached 613, which can accommodate 37 more people than the Fuxing EMU with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

At present, this model is undergoing relevant tests from Leshan Station to Xingwen Shihai Station of Chengdu-Guiyang high-speed railway.

Red Star journalist Yin Qintong

Editor Yu Mengxiang

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