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Toyota lc70 quotation and picture (Toyota lc70 quotation and picture parameters)

A few days ago, the Automatic Intelligence Service learned from relevant channels that the 70th anniversary edition of Toyota LC76 was officially released, and the new car was launched to commemorate the 70th anniversary of LC76, and the price was about RMB 370,000.

The 70th anniversary edition of Toyota LC76 can be said to be very retro in appearance. The front of the car provides a competitive protective bar, which not only enhances the approach angle of the vehicle, but also increases the protective effect. Fog lights are also provided on both sides of the bumper, and the letter LOGO of Toyota is also provided in the China Net. The concave cooling holes of the machine cover are also rough, which conforms to the temperament of the whole vehicle. The new car also provides all-terrain tires, rear protective bars and full-size spare tires.

The design of the interior of the new car is also retro. The steering wheel is designed in three positions, and the interior also provides mechanical instruments, radios, and large-area wood grain decoration. The overall design is slightly old-fashioned, unlike the product of this era.

In the power part, the 70th anniversary edition of Toyota LC76 will be equipped with a 4.5T V8 diesel engine with a maximum power of 151kW and a maximum torque of 430Nm. The transmission system will be matched with a five-speed manual gearbox, and the new car will also be provided with part-time 4wd system, differential lock and other configurations.

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