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Huawei Hydrogen Energy Power Vehicle (price of Huawei Hydrogen Energy Power Vehicle)

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Shandong Qianwan Port Hydrogenation Station, the first port hydrogenation station in China, has obtained the Gas Cylinder Filling License and can be officially put into operation.

. The development of lithium battery vehicles in new energy vehicles is almost the same, and it is time to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. It is not certain whether the hydrogen fuel cell car or the lithium battery car will become the final winner in the future. Under the premise of safety guarantee, of course, I hope to have more choices.

Musk is very pessimistic about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Musk has publicly stated that hydrogen energy is the stupidest energy storage method he can think of. Therefore, Musk has been sparing no effort to develop lithium battery cars, which has also driven global car companies to follow suit. We have almost never focused on hydrogen fuel cell cars. However, Musk was beaten twice in the face before and after, once in Toyota's face and once in his own face.

No matter what opinion Musk expressed, some car companies were unmoved, including Toyota in Japan and Huawei and Changan in China. At the Winter Olympics, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car punched Musk in the face with excellent performance. You should know that Toyota has been studying hydrogen fuel cell cars for 30 years, how can it give up its 30 years' hard work just because Musk said nothing?


When Huawei's hydrogen energy vehicles went on the market, they realized no burning oil, no charging, zero carbon emission and zero pollution in a real sense, and sold tens of thousands of vehicles in just a few hours after listing.

. Different from the previous Evergrande campaign, people actually sold their cars. I didn't expect Huawei to either build a car or build a hydrogen energy car as soon as it was built. The car is a dual-motor four-wheel drive with an acceleration of 4.4 seconds per 100 kilometers. Equipped with Bosch intelligent braking system, the safety performance is higher.

Not long ago, Deep Blue SL03, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Chang 'an, has been mass-produced in China, making it the first hydrogen fuel cell car in China. The appearance is hatchback car style, which is also very cool, with a cruising range of more than 700 kilometers. Domestic hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are still in the trial and exploration stage, and hydrogen refueling stations and related energy storage technologies are still immature, so car companies have to refuel.

Interestingly, people who keep saying that they are not optimistic about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Musk himself also introduced the hydrogen fuel cell car Model H.

This time, no one needs to hit Musk's face. Musk hit his face himself. Musk has been beaten in the face too many times in recent years, but it is really rare to hit his face like this before. This is equivalent to Musk saying that he is stupid in disguise, and it is quite interesting to think about it.

The technology of hydrogen refueling station is still not perfect, and efforts are still needed.

Both Huawei and Changan's hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have achieved mass production, but in fact, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are still in the exploration and experimental stage, and the technology should not be as mature as expected. This hydrogen refueling station in Shandong is

The first port hydrogen refueling station in China

Energy storage and transportation technologies are still in the exploratory stage. Due to the particularity of geographical location, there will obviously be certain advantages in transportation.

Development Status of Global Hydrogen Energy

China's development and utilization of hydrogen energy is a little behind. Take the maritime industry as an example. Thanks to the leading position of super steel in the world, China has a number of major countries in the maritime industry. However, at present, there are no relatively bright products in China, only a small boat used for cruising in the Three Gorges Dam not long ago. Although there are no obvious obstacles in China's navigation industry technically, the hydrogen energy power ship does lag behind in action.

Foreign countries have made some achievements not only in tonnage of ships but also in energy storage and transportation. for example

Elektra, a hydrogen-powered tugboat developed by the team of Technical University of Berlin, is a proper big guy, which can carry 750 kilograms of gaseous hydrogen with a pressure as high as 500 bar.

. Holland has made great progress in the liquid hydrogen supply chain,

It is estimated that 5,000 hydrogen-powered ships will provide liquid hydrogen before 2035, which can provide up to 300 tons of hydrogen every day.


Write it at the back

In recent years, China has indeed made brilliant achievements in many fields. For example, BYD's sales of new energy vehicles have reached the top spot in the world. Huawei, which doesn't build cars, also built its first hydrogen fuel cell car, which was favored by car owners all over the country. However, we must also realize that the development of domestic hydrogen fuel cell vehicles really lags behind that of lithium battery vehicles.

Hydrogen energy has always been regarded as a truly clean and zero-carbon energy source, which may represent the ultimate destination of new energy development in the future. Therefore, in the future, both domestic hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations will have to refuel, and lithium batteries have been questioned more and more. One fifth of car owners choose to give up lithium battery vehicles and buy back fuel vehicles. One day, the hydrogen fuel cell car may replace the lithium battery car as the final winner.

Shandong, the country's first port hydrogen refueling station, was built! Hydrogen battery is the future?

China's first port hydrogen refueling station strikes, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles become future winners?

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