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Benagli 150 curved beam price (Benagli 150 curved beam price is water-cooled)

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Speaking of the underbone model, we have to mention the RFS 150i released by Benagli. Once this curved beam with a price of 8980 yuan is released, it can be said that people's understanding of curved beams has been refreshed. This sports model with the appearance of curved beams is going to be new.

Recently, some patent pictures about this RFS 150i from Benagli have been exposed. From the appearance, the new model is more sporty than the old one, and the engine is still equipped with the current water-cooled single-cylinder 150ml engine.

The headlights and turn signals of the new RFS 150i have adopted new designs. The new light group is more fierce in appearance, and the turn signal group is more aggressive than the current one. The lamps are still composed of LED light groups.

Another change is the dashboard. As can be seen from the figure, the new dashboard has been upgraded from a cash analog-digital mixed instrument to a full-digital LCD instrument. The exhaust is also a more sporty design.

The new front shock absorber is still an inverted front fork, and there is no news of optimization in power. At present, the emission stage shown by RFS 150i, a sports curved beam in official website, Benagli, is still National III, while the newly modified model is National IV without accident.

Parameter configuration of current Benagli RFS 150i:

Jurist (jurisconsult) jun:

Underbone model has always been tepid in China. I don't know how much spray this sports curved beam with a bias towards streetcars can arouse.

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