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Scooter price and picture quotation (scooter price and picture quotation Yamaha)

Text: Understand the original Shi Jingxu of Che Di

A few days ago, we learned from the official of Lifan Motorcycle that Lifan KP Pro was officially listed. It is reported that the car has launched two configuration models, the anti-lock braking device version and the anti-lock braking device smart version, with the guide prices of 13,680 yuan and 14,580 yuan respectively.

Lifan KP borui guide price

Lifan KP borui

Lifan KP bo Rui che tou modeling

Dadeng modeling

Embracing double-wing beam woven frame

As an adverb scooter, Lifan KP Pro adopts an embracing double-wing beam woven frame, and its appearance presents a strong wild style. In addition, the headlight is equipped with a three-lens light source, which is a combination of a low beam and two high beams. It is reported that the minimum ground clearance of Lifan KP Pro is 180mm.

Ying LAN che Shen color matching

Color matching of cement gray body

Color matching of fluorescent yellow car body

Pearl white body color matching

Lifan KP Borui offers a selection of body colors, such as blue, cement gray, fluorescent yellow and pearl white, with the body length, width and height of 1925/760/1290 mm and the wheelbase of 1320 mm respectively. It is reported that Lifan KP has a sitting height of 770 mm, and adopts the braking method of front and rear disc brakes.

11 liter fuel tank

Universal serial bus interface and 12 volt power interface.

Front driving recorder

Front left and right storage box

Lifan KP Pro is equipped with universal serial bus interface and 12 volt power interface, front driving recorder, front left and right storage boxes, 11 liter fuel tank and other configurations. In terms of power, Lifan KP Pro is equipped with a four-valve water-cooled engine with a displacement of 149.8 ml, with a maximum power of 12.2 kW and a maximum torque of 14.7 Nm.

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