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What is the fuel consumption of test drive Lincoln Adventurer 2022 (how much is the fuel consumption of test drive Lincoln Adventurer 2022 for 100 kilometers)

When buying a car, you should consider your own economic conditions and choose a car model that suits you according to your income level. For many working-class people, the monthly income of five or six thousand yuan is already stretched in the cost of living. Therefore, when considering buying a car, in addition to the price of the new car, the cost of using the car must also be considered. Then again, how much does it cost to buy a new car? How much is the annual car maintenance fee?

Based on the word-of-mouth of the owner and the real feedback from various car platforms and auto media, Datou analyzed the loan, maintenance, insurance and energy consumption to see what the average monthly cost of this car is. How was your performance? Specially, the series of "One Minute to Learn a Car" is launched, so that you can quickly understand the real situation of the vehicle.

Product strength

Today, I would like to introduce the 2.0T two-wheel drive Zunyue version of Changan Lincoln Adventurer 2022. Let's review the basic situation of this car together.

Vehicle size

: The length, width and height are 4615x1887x1630mm and the wheelbase is 2711mm, respectively, which is positioned in a compact SUV.

active security configuration

: ABS anti-lock, braking force distribution, brake assist, traction control, body stability system and other active safety configurations.

Driving/auxiliary configuration

: Rear parking radar, driving assistance image, cruise system, automatic parking, uphill assistance, engine start-stop technology, etc.

Internal configuration:

12.3-inch full LCD instrument, 12.8-inch central control panel, leather seat, leather multi-function steering wheel and other configurations.

Power configuration:

Equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine code CAF488WQE6, the maximum power is 180kw, the peak torque is 390N·m, the driving mode is front drive, the transmission is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission (AT), and the chassis is matched with a front McPherson independent suspension and a rear multi-link independent suspension.

Car purchase cost

The official guide price of a new car is 245,800 yuan, and the price of a bare car is 230,800 yuan. Let's take a car loan as an example. The down payment ratio is 30%, the loan period is 36 months, the down payment amount is 69,240 yuan, and the monthly payment amount is 4,824 yuan.

In addition, the new car also needs to pay the purchase tax of 10,212 yuan, the travel tax of 400 yuan (2.0T), the compulsory insurance of 950 yuan (5 seats), and the vehicle loss insurance and the third party liability insurance are compulsory for commercial insurance, and the cost is 5,410 yuan; The above expenses total 16,972 yuan, and the monthly expenses are about 1,414.33 yuan. ; Based on the mileage statistics of 30km a day and 30 days a month, the fuel number of the new car is 92#. Taking the current oil price in Shenzhen as an example, it is 7.64 yuan per liter, so the total annual fuel consumption cost is about 6,188.4 yuan, and the monthly cost is about 515.7 yuan. (Because everyone's mileage and car use are different, the fuel consumption will be different, and the actual situation will prevail).

Maintenance cost:

Generally speaking, according to the basic maintenance once every 5000km and the major maintenance once every 60000km, the mileage of the new car mentioned above is about 10000km a year, in which the first maintenance is free, and another basic maintenance is needed. The total cost is about 500 yuan, and the monthly cost is about 41.67 yuan. (Maintenance varies from person to person, and ultimately depends on the actual situation)


Through calculation, it is known that the average monthly cost of Changan Lincoln Adventurer's 2022 modified 2.0T two-wheel drive Zunyue Edition is about 6795.7 yuan, which is not high for most people. Of course, in addition to the above three main expenses, there are unpredictable expenses such as parking fees, car washing fees, interior accessories, high-speed fees and fines for violations. But then again, as consumers, it is best to choose the one that suits them. What do you think?

It's easier to buy a car after a minute! Welcome everyone to leave a message below to discuss!

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