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How high does Benagli Xiaoxunlong sit (how fast can Benagli Xiaoxunlong run)

I have always liked motorcycles, but I haven't got to know them well. I feel that cars are too heavy for me to lift up … and I am afraid that my height is not enough, so I have never considered buying motorcycles. I have to get up early every day at work to share electric cars with others. Sometimes I get up late and have no cars, leaving me alone to blow the cold wind, and then I silently turn on Didi. I want to buy motorcycles to facilitate my commute, do a lot of homework and go to the garage to see cars. I just want to buy baboons … because I am still young. Just one look! I fell in love with it. I paid the deposit directly and got a driver's license for one month after it passed. I paid the final payment directly to pick up the car! I started my quiet life.

Let's talk about its price first: the landing price is 11980, and it costs only 400 yuan for a temporary residence permit without paying for a license.

Seat height and weight:

The sitting height of this car 780 can be said to be quite friendly for entry-level motorcycle riders and female riders. I can support the ground with my forefoot when I sit on it at 164, and the weight of the whole car is 145 kg, which is also very easy for female riders and entry-level motorcycle riders to move their cars. It is also easier to help the car when it falls down, and I can completely lift it up when I weigh 41 kg ~

Back seat with people:

It's also uncomfortable to ride with people in urban areas, because the back seat is basically too small for people, and it's a tilted back seat. If you ride with people, not only the driver is uncomfortable, but also the people in the back seat are uncomfortable and tiring. If the back seat is heavier than the driver, the front of the car will be unstable and prone to tilt. If you consider taking people, please buy a car carefully ~

The water cooling and heat dissipation of this car, the configuration of three spark plugs, the front and rear linkage braking system of CBS, and the frame control of the double-wing beam are absolutely possible. Above 180 is not recommended, like riding a dog, but the disadvantage is that the LED light is not very bright … the overall evaluation is good! Very friendly to girls ~ it doesn't look like a 150 displacement at all ~

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