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Which is more comfortable, Old Regal or LaCrosse (which is better)

Intermediate car is the first choice for many families to buy a car now. After all, it has more spacious and comfortable space, strong power and higher grade. Of course, the price of mid-level cars is definitely more expensive, and many of them have landed more than 200,000, but there are also several models with high cost performance, from 210,000 to more than 160,000, starting with a 2.0T engine and nearly 240 horsepower with 9AT. It is basically not wrong to buy them.

The first one is Buick Regal.

As a synonym for high cost performance, Buick's models are still very kind. Although the price is not low, the terminal discount is very large. The recommended model is 2022 652T Smart Enjoy, with a guide price of 210,800 yuan. After the discount, the actual reference price is only in the early 160,000, which is even cheaper than many 2.0L or 1.5T models.

To tell the truth, the appearance of the current Regal is not very amazing, the overall design is a bit embarrassing, and the personality has not been let go, resulting in more than enough. The front face is Buick's latest design language, the size of the middle net is not large, and the headlight group is relatively ordinary in shape and doesn't look very advanced. In fact, the front of the car is quite satisfactory, but the side does have some crotch, which is obviously more than 4.9 meters long. From a distance, it is similar to those compact cars with a length of less than 4.8 meters, and there is no momentum.

As for the interior, Regal still has a good hand. After all, Buick models are made of good materials, but they lack some sense of technology. The size of LCD instrument is only 4.2 inches, and the central control panel is only 8 inches. If it can be upgraded to a full LCD instrument, the central control panel will be around 10 inches, which will be perfect. It is worth mentioning that on the one hand, key shifting looks more advanced, and more importantly, it saves the space of shifting area. Unfortunately, without ANC active noise reduction technology and multi-layer sound insulation glass which Buick is proud of, the sound insulation level is almost meaningless compared with that of Big Brother LaCrosse.

Of course, Regal's powertrain is the key. It is equipped with a 2.0T engine with variable cylinder technology, with a maximum horsepower of 237 horsepower and a peak torque of 350 Nm, matching the 9AT gearbox. This set of power can run to 7.1 seconds in zero acceleration time, which is among the best in its class. If the fuel consumption is high, the average measured by the owner is about 9 liters per 100 kilometers, which can't be said to be high. After all, the power is here, and the ratio with 2.0L or 1.5T is definitely high, but this comparison is meaningless.

Next, we will talk about the Passat of SAIC Volkswagen.

Passat is also a veteran of domestic mid-level cars, and its sales volume has been enduring since its listing. Last month, it sold 16,766 units, which was very eye-catching after the Accord Camry. The recommended model is 2022 330TSI Star Elite Edition, with the guide price of 205,900, and the terminal has more than 30,000 discounts. The actual reference price is only in the early 170,000 s.

The appearance of the new Passat has changed obviously, especially in the front of the car. Like the stars in the sky, the interior of the net adopts dot matrix design, which is also the origin of the starry sky version. This design is obviously designed for young people, but considering different people, the ordinary version still uses the classic design and takes a steady atmosphere. The interior and the old models have not changed much, mainly the steering wheel, which uses the latest design of Volkswagen and looks more advanced.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0T low-power engine with a maximum horsepower of 186 horsepower and a peak torque of 320 Nm, which matches the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. This set of power can be regarded as a family heirloom of the public. It has no bright spot, but it is more than enough for home use. The performance of breaking 100 meters in 8.4 seconds is relatively average, but the fuel consumption is excellent. The measured average of 100 kilometers is about 8.5 liters, which is slightly lower than Regal.

However, Passat's sound insulation is relatively general, and the city driving experience is not obvious. When the speed exceeds 100 at high speed, it will be very noisy inside the car, and the wind noise, tire noise and engine noise will continue, and the comfort will be average. The middle platform in the back row still maintains the tradition of the public, and the bulge is very large, which makes it difficult for passengers sitting in the middle to put their feet down. The double-clutch gearbox has obvious frustration in traffic jams or low-speed driving, which is not very smooth.

The last model to talk about is Nissan Teana.

In fact, the main selling model of Teana is version 2.0L. After all, everything at home can meet the demand, but if performance is pursued, version 2.0T is undoubtedly the first choice. The recommended model is 2021 2.0T XL Zhijin Edition, with a guide price of 216,800 yuan, a terminal discount of nearly 40,000 yuan, and an actual reference price of less than 180,000 yuan, which is also very cost-effective.

The 2.0T version of Teana's power is really very strong. This 2.0T high-power engine, code-named KR20, has a maximum horsepower of 243 horsepower and a peak torque of 371 Nm, which is definitely Nissan's black technology. Unfortunately, it matches CVT gearbox, and the driving experience is not as good as expected, especially when running at high speed, the shift efficiency and acceleration performance are average, but the performance of breaking 100 in the early 7 seconds is similar to that of Regal. In fact, Nissan is also for balance. Although the CVT gearbox is average in other aspects, its fuel consumption is definitely an advantage. The average measured by the owner is only about 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers, which is lower than Passat's, with strong power and low fuel consumption, and its comprehensive performance is satisfactory.

However, Teana's car paint is a little thin, and a slight bump may expose the primer. Usually, a little carelessness will leave small scratches, which is also a common problem of Japanese cars. The design of the back of the car leads to the general head space in the back row, and it will be somewhat depressing to ride for a long time if you are a little taller. There is also a relatively loud tire noise, so you can hear it clearly when you are a little faster, and running long distances greatly affects the driving experience.


The above three mid-level cars are not only strong in strength, but also one of the best in cost performance, especially the 2.0T version of Regal. The price of the car is more than 160,000 yuan, which is more cost-effective than that of many 1.5T cars of the same level. Teana is not to be outdone. The discount of 40,000 yuan is very rare for Japanese cars. Coupled with strong power and good comfort, it will not lose money if you buy it. Needless to say, Passat is also a big brother in a mid-level car, and it can be bought with eyes closed. The exterior is atmospheric and the interior is textured, the configuration is rich and the space is spacious, the power is enough, the fuel consumption is not high, and the whole is relatively balanced. So, who will you choose among these three cars?

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