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Toyota lc200 quotation (Toyota lc100 quotation)

Hello ~ hello, everyone, the old driver of the car inspector is meeting you again! I'm your old friend Jelly. I'm not only a used car inspector who has repaired cars, but also an accident car dissuader. Welcome to watch this interesting issue of used car inspection. Today, I will bring you a 650,000 manual used car, which is a living fossil in the cross-country circle. It is Toyota Land Cruiser LC76.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC76 is a relatively narrow version of the whole car series of Land Cruiser, which was born in 1984. It is a very pure off-road vehicle, and it is no exaggeration to say that it stands at the top of the off-road vehicle contempt chain, and it is also the originator of Toyota Prado. In the eyes of "cross-country people", LC76 is an existence that can't be compared with any model. If it is expensive, it can't compare with many off-road vehicles. But when it comes to cross-country style, it ranks second, and it is estimated that no car dares to rank first. With this unchanged appearance for nearly 40 years, you can know at a glance that it is a malicious product. Although it is the product of the last century, you can still buy a new car now! However, the price is a bit expensive, and even if the price increase is hard to find a car, the market for used cars is also shocking.

Today, I tested this Toyota LC76, which was licensed in January 2017, with a mileage of 37,000 kilometers. Because it is a parallel imported car, and there are too many versions of the Land Cruiser, it is difficult to find an accurate new car price. However, according to my understanding of this model, including the fare increase, it is estimated that it would cost at least 600,000 to 700,000 at that time. Can you guess how much it can sell now that it has been in operation for five years? The seller's asking price is 650 thousand, and this car is still a manual gear! From a big spectrum, it is equivalent to saying that this car has basically not depreciated after five years of driving! Besides, spending 650,000 yuan on a used car with a five-year manual transmission must sound incredible to ordinary people, but Toyota LC76 has this charm.

According to the current owner, he maintained the car very well. He bought it and drove it to attend the Alashan Heroes' Meeting. After a while, he was ready to sell it after not driving it very much. The condition of the car was no problem at all. Almost the original paint was quite fine, so he quoted this price.

Out of curiosity, I checked the online quotation of Toyota LC76, and we can see that it is indeed not low. This car is simply a wealth management product. If you buy it and sell it for a few years, you will not lose a penny, which is equivalent to "Bai Piao"' s right to use a car. Toyota, good for you! Even if you are a descendant of old Varelia, the queen of Aandahl's ancestors, the ruler and protector of Westeros, Khaleesi from Slak, the queen of Mirin, the shackle breaker, the mother of dragons, the liberator of Ashtabo, the queen of Roy's people and ancestors, the princess of Dragonstone Island, the butcher, the scorched earth queen, and Daenerys born in the storm. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Even if you are a living fossil of the cross-country circle, the belief of the cross-country world, and the king of cross-country, Toyota LC76, after all, you are a car and a consumable. Why can you not go to fall in price after a few years?

However, this kind of car is a big toy for the rich, and we ordinary people certainly can't understand it. As long as customers like it and are willing to pay for it, let's stop worrying about it and do our own inspection work. First of all, the old rule is to check the appearance first, and walk around the vehicle and find that the appearance is a little flawed.

After careful inspection of the corners of the front and rear bars, no traces of painting were found, and there was no paint delamination caused by repeated painting at the corners. However, the front bar was slightly rubbed and the rear bar was slightly painted off, but it did not affect the appearance, so it was unnecessary to treat it. Hard-core off-road vehicles have no trauma, and I am embarrassed to go out and tell people that my name is LC76.

Then take out the equipment to test the appearance of the paint surface, and you can see that the paint surface values are almost all around 110um. According to the comprehensive judgment, no traces of sheet metal and painting repair are found. However, there are still some scratches and flaws in the appearance, but for an off-road king, this is nothing, and just going to the Shan Ye desert to cross it is more than these injuries.

However, the production date of the whole car glass is not shown, so we can only start with the glass number. There is no abnormality in the glass number, and there is no trace of disassembly and repair. The glass glue is normal, so the suspicion of glass replacement can be ruled out. It's just that there is a small flaw in the front windshield, which should be caused by pebbles flying from the road at high speed, which has little effect. The appearance is still very good, almost no repair, similar to what the seller said, really NICE. Let's check the engine compartment.

This Toyota Land Cruiser LC76 is equipped with a 4.0L, V6 naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 200kW and a maximum torque of 380N·m, which is matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Although the overall power is not particularly strong, it has an active traction control system, which has strong adaptability to complex road conditions and can meet all your cross-country and crossing needs. Herdsman, Tank 300, Land Rover found something, and in front of it was the younger brother!

In the engine room, firstly, it was checked that the cover, the two side blades and the fixing screws of the water tank frame were not screwed and removed, and the paint value of the inner cross beam of the blades was normal, and no trace of collision repair was found.

Open the fuse box and observe whether there is any wading problem. You can see that the fuse box is very clean and there are no traces of sediment and water stains. To tell the truth, the chassis of this car is also quite high. How deep do you want to flood this car? It seems that the word cross-country magic car is not called for nothing.

Later, it was found that the screws of the engine were not disassembled or repaired, and they were very dry without any leakage, and there was no oil leakage on the surface of the engine cylinder head. For Japanese cars, especially imported engines, there is basically no possibility of oil leakage. This is really one of the reasons why the Japanese configuration is extremely low and it is also wildly sought after by consumers. On the other hand, BBA and many luxury brands often see netizens or car owners saying that there is oil leakage here and there, and they feel uncomfortable all day. However, the performance of BBA cars is not comparable to that of ordinary Japanese cars, and there are brand bonuses. Generally speaking, each car has its own advantages. Let's take a look at the interior of this Toyota LC76, and let you feel what is called tractor configuration.

As a "primitive" off-road vehicle, there is nothing fancy in the interior, there are almost no auxiliary electronic devices, the seats are made of fabric, and there is not even an electric adjustment. It is estimated that the highest-tech configuration is air conditioning, but the air conditioning is still manual! Driving this car is basically out of comfort. It is a pure off-road vehicle, and it is particularly difficult to drive now. It is no wonder that the current owner will take a shot after attending the Alashan Heroes' Meeting for a while, because it is really inappropriate to take the daily ride. Let's take a look at the details of the interior.

After testing, it was found that the carpet was dry without water stains and mildew spots, the seat fixing screws were not removed and twisted, there was no sediment accumulation in the slide rail, no abnormal rust marks were found in the seat frame, and the seat filler was not soaked in water and hardened, so the suspicion of blisters on this car could be ruled out.

Then turn on the switch, the key instrument self-check is normal, the vehicle is started to give an alarm without fault code, the idle speed is stable without jitter, and the engine has no abnormal sound. Through the comprehensive inspection of the vehicle and the maintenance records retrieved in the background, it can be confirmed that the mileage is normal without adjustment, and all the functions of the interior are normal. At present, looking at the appearance, engine room and interior, the overall car condition is really very good. It really is a big toy for the rich. Except for driving off-road, it will not be treated like a family car, so the chance of crashing on the road is small.

Next, drive the car to a nearby repair shop and check the engine gearbox and differential from the bottom. At present, there are no abnormal disassembly and maintenance traces, no oil leakage and oil leakage at the joints of various components, and no screws are disassembled. It is basically confirmed that the engine gearbox and differential are in the original factory condition and perfect.

And there is no trace of disassembly of the middle cross beam under the car. Because this is a hard-core off-road vehicle with non-loaded body structure, it is very important to detect the frame and body. As shown in the figure, it can be seen that there is no trace of disassembly of the connecting screws between the frame and the girder, and the overall lifting and maintenance of the engine and the separation of the car body from the frame can be ruled out by integrating the screws at the joint of the generator and transformer and the cross beam at the bottom of the car body. There are no abnormal bottom marks on the chassis.

Finally, check that there is no oil leakage and disassembly of the shock absorber, half shaft oil seal and shock absorber spring of the whole vehicle, and the chassis is in good condition. I have to admire Toyota's durability and reliability. Of course, it can be seen that this Toyota LC76 has basically not "suffered a lot". The former owner may usually drive it as an ordinary road SUV, not specially bought for off-road, but just a model of this car. I spent 600,000 to 700,000 yuan to buy a car just for fun. People in the city really know how to play, or poverty limits my imagination. If I were you, I might only have one option, and that is to buy a house, haha.

After more than two hours of testing, the testing of this Toyota LC76 is over. The overall condition of the car is really excellent as the owner said. I also told the customer's eldest brother about the testing situation in detail. After listening to it, he said that he was very satisfied. This car not only has no accidents and failures, but also has no history of heavy off-road. The price of more than 600,000 yuan is still quite worthwhile, and he won the king of off-road immediately. Maybe it's my poor thinking. Personally, I think it's not worthwhile to spend more than 600 thousand to buy a used car with manual transmission. I would like to ask you, if you have a car purchase budget of more than 600 thousand, will you consider this living fossil of cross-country circle?

Ok, today's test case sharing is over here, thank you for reading!

Like it, like it, and spray it if you don't like it. Jelly, I study less and repair more cars. Please bear with me if I write badly. Besides, if you have any questions about used cars, you can ask me, and I will try my best to help you answer them. See you next time.

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