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Comparison between Saboban and Escalade (are Saboban and Escalade a platform?)

As a brand that focuses on commercial vehicles, GMC's models are mostly square and square, full of industrial style, and its rich American flavor is also doomed to glow and heat in Yukon GMC most of the time. As three brothers on the same platform as Escalade and Saboban, the sales of Yukon in the United States are very good because the price is slightly lower than that of Escalade.

This time, the real shot model is the top-mounted version of Yukon Peak Axle. At the moment when sport utility vehicles are sedan-oriented, American giants such as Yukon and Saboban are still based on full-size pickup chassis, and their appeal is for practicality. In addition to large space, they also emphasize the ability to pass and load, and they wish they could not meet all the needs of a family with one handlebar.

For YuKon, the American media USECAR once commented that the new YuKon brings a luxurious and quiet interior environment and provides advanced safety functions. The top version of Denali also has a stronger V8 engine and more luxurious comfort configuration. YuKon drives like a luxury car, with sufficient vibration filtering and suspension support. The body will not tilt too much when cornering, but the tension caused by the big body is also objective.

The interior of the standard version of YuKon is not as big as it looks. The seats in the second row are uncomfortable and the seats in the third row are narrow. For those users who want more space, it is recommended to consider a longer XL version. What? The full-size SUV will actually be sprayed because of space, and the requirements of American space are really scary.

With its huge size and powerful front face, full-size American SUVs like YuKon have a deep cultural imprint. Buying such cars is more like having a bodyguard. At the same time, the 22-inch shiny wheels provide powerful lower limbs, but it is no exaggeration. After all, this kind of car can complete the DUB effect by changing the tires casually.

The technological level and style of the interior are very good. If there is no navigator, maybe we will be amazed that the full-size SUV can be so delicate, but how can it be bright?

8-inch touch screen, keyless entry/start, three-zone air conditioning, electric control of rear windshield, head-up display, adaptive cruise, parallel assistance, four-wheel drive system, the advanced configuration we can think of, this car is not ambiguous at all.

Like the full-size pickup truck, all the buttons are as large as possible, and the operation is extremely convenient. The two big and four small dashboards are clear and readable, but the arms are not friendly to Chinese people, and it takes time to adapt.

The leather of the whole car has a high degree of wrapping. The front seats have ventilation and heating function, the middle rows provide seat heating, and the main driver's seat is electrically adjusted in 12 directions.

Such a spatial performance, the old beauty is still too small, TC Jun is somewhat confused.

The second and third rows of seats support electric folding, and there is a certain storage space even under full load. However, the pursuit of buying this kind of car is an extreme. Perhaps XL's long-axis model is the most representative, but the standard axis will obviously be easier to drive.

The only slot in the interior, there is no panoramic skylight, what is the good care?

6.2L V8 engine +8AT automatic transmission, the maximum power is 426PS, and the maximum torque is 624N * m. For a full-size model of the general system, the 5.3L version is definitely not considered when you can buy a 6.2L engine. The fuel consumption performance of the two is not much different, but the power of 6.2L will be much better.

Summary: As a typical American full-size SUV, GMC YuKon's performance is still relatively comprehensive, whether it is power, configuration, carrying capacity and space flexibility, but the slightly higher price after coming to China is a serious injury, which becomes even more embarrassing after the navigator's new upgrade.

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