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Vehicle price inquiry (what app is used for vehicle price inquiry)

Interface Journalist | He Miao, Chen Xiaotong

Interface news editor |

A few days ago, the joint subsidy of government and enterprises in Hubei Province ignited the national automobile market. While attracting a large number of automobile companies to join the price war, some automobile companies did not follow suit and explicitly chose not to cut prices, while some companies that did not cut prices introduced the way of insuring prices to try to stabilize consumers' mentality. At this point, there are rare three camps in China automobile market: "price reduction faction", "non-price reduction faction" and "price protection faction".

According to incomplete statistics, in recent days, hundreds of models of more than 30 automobile brands have made preferential price reductions, 5 automobile companies have clearly not reduced prices, and 6 automobile companies have introduced price protection measures. The interface news is hereby sorted out for your reference.

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